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Your instincts are wrong, your gut feeling is wrong, your intuition is wrong. It's much easier to bury your head in the sand and pretend that your situation is different, that you aren't in fact living in the hell that is the Friend Zone but like finding any other solution to a problem, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. If they see you as a sibling, or a parent, or a therapist, you've got an uphill climb. If your friend sees you as a shadow, a human pillow, or a backup boyfriend/girlfriend, then they think you are too available and they most likely take your friendship for granted.

Try acting indifferent towards her for a change, so she will become more interested in what you have to offer. Fractionation is a simple tactic (derived from the fields of hypnosis or Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP) that is reputed to be able to make any woman fall in love quickly - often in 15 minutes or even less.So, change the role you're playing and you will be climbing out of the friend zone hole in no time! Confess your Feelings There are many ways to begin the Confession. You don't want to come out of the blue with, "Yeah, that sucks that you dropped your cell phone in the toilet. If you are drunk, on the phone, or sitting in front of computer screens, don't even think about it.Basically, all that needs to come out of the conversation is for you to tell your friend how you feel about them and to get a response letting you know how they feel about you. A good confession is in person, in a quiet, private place, while you and your friend are in clear and sober states of mind. Separate from Your Friend We know what you're thinking. You want to scream and cry and kick your legs and say, "No! " Well, crack addicts hate to stop doing crack, too.Many times, people are stuck in the friend zone because they are playing the role of a therapist or a parent for their friend. Anyway, I really like you." A huge part of getting out of the Friend Zone is telling your friend how you feel about them.Most people don't want to date their therapist or their mom or dad (hopefully). However, there are good ways to do this, and definitely bad ones.

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