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“It’s quite hard to meet the right kind of guys, and there’s a lot of competition so you do feel a certain pressure to try extra things to make yourself stand out.” With the gender imbalance predicted to worsen over the next decade, such measures are only going to become more popular.Some enterprising individuals have set up dating companies to try and match lonely Hong Kong women with eligible men in South China, but the number of these relationships remains small. Choi believes that unless social traditions change over the next two decades and Hong Kong women become more prepared to accept men with the same or less earning power, the city will face profound social problems.China’s just-loosened one-child policy has warped the country’s gender ratio over the past 34 years to the extent that by 2020 there may be almost 24 million men unable to find a partner.

Journalists and academics complained that the show promoted narcissism, reinforced gender stereotypes, and stigmatized older, single women, but for many Hong Kong citizens it proved to be compelling viewing.But even before talking about that stage of a romantic liaison – the night is young, my dear – perhaps we should take a step backward and carp instead about how expensive it is to date a girl these days.Did you know that Hong Kong ranks second only to Japan when it comes to the cost of having a cheap date?“But in contemporary Hong Kong society, there’s an expectation for marriages to be based on love and romance.So if the man’s merely hard working, that may not be enough.

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