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I grew up in the capital, Ottawa, where each winter the Rideau Canal freezes over to form the world's longest skating rink.

I've eaten in some of Canada's finest restaurants, from Vancouver's Ancora in the far west to Toronto's Buca and the celebrated Raymonds in far-eastern St John's, but in Prince Edward County I have had meals to equal any of those, and at half the price., where the long beach is covered in tiny shells and graceful swans bob on the calm surface of Lake Ontario.Here the air is filled with an orchestra of different sounds: the inexorable ebb and swell of a string section of cicadas; a woodwind of bird calls; the occasional bass note of a frog.In autumn, the woods were ablaze with bright oranges and deep reds, as though swept by a benign forest fire.Yet in all those years I'd never been to Prince Edward County, an island on the edge of Lake Ontario where it now seems all my friends, grown-up and with kids of their own, escape each summer; a sleepy, secret place where it's possible to roll back the decades to a simpler, kinder time.

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