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In the center is Euterpe, the Muse of Lytic Poetry.

Around her on the rim are laurel leaves with a four-leaf clover on the corners.

The pieces that are offered here do not include biscuit barrels ( see Wedgwood Biscuit Barrels on the menu).

These are wonderful pieces that Marguerite purchased in England and Wales both for her business, Legacy Antiques, and personally.

All the antiques (8,500 pieces) were professionally packed in 1972 when she unexpectedly died.

She was very careful about each selected piece and when faults are present, we note them in the individual description.

As most of us no longer study mythology in school, I have tried to put myself back in the 19th century when neo-classic was in phase by reading books and the internet. Below, you see a potter applied a bas relief of classical figures. Most of what we offer is 19th century and so some of the design patterns are not well understood in this, the 21st century. Buten, Harry M., Wedgwood and Artists, Butten Museum of Wedgwood, Merion, PA., 1960, pp.72. There are several interpretations regarding the figures.

Venus laughs and point out the poetic justice: he too is small, and yet delivers the sting of love.While one has the muse “Eurerpe, Muse of Lytic Poetry’ on the reverse side and the other has ‘Thalia’ the Muse of Comedy” on the other.The figures are in sharp detail and concise when compared the later ones.and the rim letter ‘X’ in a circle, and letter ‘L’. This is a beautiful piece, the impressions are clear and concise.On one side there was a scene with Antonia bearing an urn and Flora approaching the alter which is beautiful made with flames and steam and is engraved at the base.

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