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Again, it's a fairly crude mechanism - and as such is alone more responsible for causing leaks on vintage horns than any other mechanism (it wears, no-one wants to pay to have the mechanism properly rebuilt, the regulation buffers compress and the pad won't close fully).The standard trick here is to reverse spring this key (as this one has been) so that it remains constantly closed.It looks like it shouldn't, what with the enhanced leverage the modern systems give - but it does. However, it's not a perfect world, and the placement of a fixed guard over the G# tone hole makes it tricky to seat the pad.The G# touchpiece itself and the bell key spatulas are the usual plain rectangular blocks - functional, if perhaps a tad clumsy - and the single piece C# key is inclined to be rather heavy.A very curious feature of the octave key mechanism is the angle at which the octave key pips sit - or more precisely, the holes in them.The idea behind this was to alleviate the hissing sound that these holes sometimes produce.King have opted for the tenor type crook - there are C Melodies that feature an alto style crook (without the swan neck curve).Opinion is divided as to which is best, but I tend to prefer this design.

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Unlike soft soldered tone hole, these ones won't be prone to falling off due to the action of Selective Galvanic Corrosion. The guards aren't removable, being the typical 'wire' type - though they're neat and functional..quite solid.This would have been to improve the tone and the tuning of the A (remember, when you close a key, the sound comes out of the next hole down) - and again it's an idea that didn't quite work out...though the same double cup arrangement is still used on flutes.Furthermore, it's hellishly difficult to get the two large pads to seat together (I had fun, I can tell you).From an aesthetic point of view it sits better with the horn too.The toneholes are hard or silver soldered on, unlike other horns (such as the Martins) that have soft soldered tone holes.

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