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If your hometown is Manning Alberta, discover new user-reviewed businesses local to you, with Yellow .Top athletes have longer ring fingers – and women with larger hips have more intelligent children.They seem to appear around week eight, but by week 14 they have gone.

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According to the researchers, it's all down to the ratio between the ring and index fingers being a marker of exposure to testosterone in the womb.

In his latest study, Professor Manning found that young men with long ring fingers were faster at sprinting than boys with relatively long index fingers.

One theory is that higher testosterone exposure in the womb may also have an influence on the developing vascular and respiratory systems, improving the aerobic capacity of the body and to a lesser extent increasing strength.

Schizophrenia is another condition that shows a gender bias.

Researchers working at the University of Florida found that patients were likely to have a more feminine digit ratio with a smaller ring finger.

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