Dating men down low

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“Keep it on the down low.” A few years ago, many knew this expression simply to mean that something should be kept secret or confidential.

Hiding one’s sexual or gender identity is ofter referred to as being “in the closet.” So, how is being on the “down low” different?In fact, the disdain toward men on the down low spread beyond concerns about risk for HIV and STIs to general suspicion: “how to find out if your husband is on the down low“, “how to tell if a man is on the DL.” As I noted earlier, feeling or actually being forced to hide one’s same-gender sexuality — whether identity, relationships, or desires — is experienced by many.And, being on the down low is also not limited to Black men.Yes, in the sense that they hide some aspect of their same-gender sexuality.However, no, there is a great deal more diversity and complexity than most discussions of the down low assume.

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