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Perseverance is the steadfast pursuit of a task, mission, or journey in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or distraction.In contrast, grit is argued to be a trait of perseverance.This area of positive psychology has been interested in the process of perseverance as a positive indicator of long term success.A 2014 study by Von Culin, Tsukayama and Duckworth, found that individual differences in grit and its two component facets—perseverance of effort and consistency of interests over time—may derive in part from differences in what makes people happy.This distinction was brought into focus in 1907 when William James challenged the field to further investigate how certain individuals are capable of accessing richer trait reservoirs enabling them to accomplish more than the average person, Building upon biographical collections of famous leaders in history, researchers and scientists have reached similar conclusions about high-achieving individuals.Specifically, those individuals who were deemed more successful and influential than their contemporary counterparts typically possessed traits above and beyond that of normal ability.Ambition is often associated with a desire for fame.Unlike ambitious individuals, gritty individuals do not seek to distinguish themselves from other people, but to obtain personal goals.

While grit is primarily a measure of an individual's ability to persist in obtaining a specific goal over an extended time period (Duckworth et al., 2007), hardiness refers to an individual's ability to persist through difficult circumstances and does not address the individual's long term persistence toward a specific goal.As the researchers have suggested, this helps explain why some very intelligent individuals do not consistently perform well over long periods.The grit measure has been compared to the Big Five personality model, which are a group of broad personality dimensions consisting of openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.As such, one might expect that grit would be strongly correlated with intelligence.In fact, this prompted one of the early questions asked in grit research, "Why do some individuals accomplish more than others of equal intelligence? This means that grit, unlike many traditional measures of performance, is not tied to intelligence.

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