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Large African inland acquisitions followed — mostly to the detriment of native inhabitants.

In eastern Africa the imperialist and “man-of-action” Karl Peters accumulated vast tracts of land for his colonization group, "emerging from the bush with X-marks [affixed by unlettered tribal chiefs] on documents ...

Several of the African colonies remained powder kegs throughout this phase (and beyond).

The transition to official acceptance of colonialism and to colonial government thus occurred during the last quarter of Bismarck’s tenure of office.

whereas their colonial neighbours had more docile peoples to contend with.

At that time, the German penchant for giving muscle priority over patience contributed to continued unrest.

There were also suspicions and reports of colonial malfeasance, corruption and brutality in some protectorates, and Lutheran and Roman Catholic missionaries dispatched disturbing reports to their mission headquarters in Germany.

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Short-lived attempts of colonization by individual German states had occurred in preceding centuries, but crucial colonial efforts only began in 1884 with the Scramble for Africa.

These early agreements with local entities, however, later formed the basis for annexation treaties, diplomatic support and military protection by the German Empire.

Many Germans in the late 19th century viewed colonial acquisitions as a true indication of having achieved nationhood.

The Hanseatic republics of Hamburg and Bremen sent traders across the globe.

These trading houses conducted themselves as successful Privatkolonisatoren [independent colonizers] and concluded treaties and land purchases in Africa and the Pacific with chiefs or other tribal leaders.

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