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In Michele's first menswear show, in January, which he produced in exactly five days, he boldly put the boys in girls' clothing—including floppy bow-front sheer blouses—that dropped the jaws of his jaded front row.For his first women's show a month later, he put the girls in a mix of quirky and supremely executed granny clothing, completely swept free of high-octane sexuality.Subject: IMPORTANT – missed calls People have been receiving calls from 375602605281, 37127913091 or any number starting with a 375, or 371 number.

Moreover, the claim that simply calling the numbers will somehow magically allow criminals to steal contact lists and financial information from the calling phone is untrue.

He offers that his mingling of male and female codes of dressing comes with centuries of precedence. So when I read that journalists were giving me credit for it, I laughed because these people certainly do not know much about fashion history!

" Michele's own knowledge of fashion history is scholarly.

Moreover, claims the message, calling back one of the numbers will allow scammers to instantly copy the contact list from the caller’s phone and also steal any bank or credit card information stored on the phone.

While the warning contains an element of truth, it is otherwise highly misleading and inaccurate.

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