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The analysis of the questionnaire responses together with the input from three planned thematic workshops on inequality, governance and environment sustainability will be included in a final report.The report will represent the civil society perspective on the post 2015 Development Agenda and will feed into the national inter-ministerial consultations.There is no "one-size-fits-all" economic reform recommendation suitable for all the IMF's 188 member countries, and countries should take different fiscal consolidation paces and set different reform priorities, she said during a roundtable briefing.Advanced economies including the euro zone still have "significant potential risk," and there should be structural reforms and a banking union "in a comprehensive way" in the currency bloc, she said.Even these sources are approached in a very narrow way.For instance, the Monterrey Consensus pledged action to establish sovereign debt workout mechanisms.MDG 8, while pledging to deal comprehensively with the debt problems of developing countries in order to make their debt sustainable in the long term fails to have any indicator on sovereign debt workout mechanisms, arguably a requirement towards the end of making debt sustainable in the long term.True, at the time governments agreed on the Millennium Development Goals, the Monterrey Conference had not happened.

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It means their compliance or lack thereof cannot be assessed, either, by looking at their behavior regarding a partial set of sources of finance.

A holistic picture of all sources of finance is, therefore, a requirement of a framework that claims to be aligned with human rights standards, as it would expose how the concerted sum of actions on different sources is helpful or detrimental to the realization of human rights.

Instead, financing for development targets in MDG 8 only look at aid (Official Development Assistance), debt relief, and trade.

But, what were the consequences for human rights and capabilities of how such international cooperation was conceptualized in MDG 8, and of the targets and indicators that were attached to it as representative of progress?

The mere attempt to craft a goal on Global Partnership represents, in and of itself, the quite ambitious task to capture and give shape to an elusive dimension of international human rights norms and principles, namely, the duty of all states to cooperate.

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