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But as the film progresses, Lady Susan starts shedding off her grief. She starts to wear colors and is back on the scene'” (They frequently put Susan into gowns that used a sheer black net or lace as the “overgown.” Sometimes I didn’t mind it (like in this briefly glimpsed ball gown), although it’s not something I’ve EVER seen in the period. What really annoyed me, and this is a total nitpick, is that they did a lot of “zone” front gowns (where the overgown bodice is cut into an inverted V shape) but didn’t line up the waistline points on the bodice and skirt. The obviously machine-embroidered fabric annoys me, but it’s more subtle for being tone-on-tone. The elder gent is the father, the seated gent the son. I actually quite like the women’s, that it all seems too solid.‘If you actually laid out the costumes, it goes from black to black and grey to mauve, more of the mourning colors for the time, and every time she’s in the country she’s affecting the widow and trying to be discreet,’ says Mhaoldomhnaigh, who designed all of Beckinsale’s wardrobe. See how the skirt extends forward of the bodice at the front? Here Susan is in London and lightening up, color-wise. Compare Dad’s kind of loose outfit with the son (photo below), whose ensemble is much tighter. Vernon, the lady of the house at which Susan is visiting for most of the film. The white color is VERY 1790s, and the two rows of buttons on the front of the gown are a nice touch. I feel like it should be a bit looser, and tousled, and airy.She’s a widow and doesn’t have a lot of money, but she clearly sponges off of friends and acquaintances and is able to dress herself well. Boy-costume wise: “The idea of the dandy also started taking root in England around the late 1700s, and the men in the film carry that refined look on screen.

In terms of budget, it’s unclear exactly where they hit on the spectrum, but director Stilman said, “I have to say we kept increasing the costume budget because we were so thrilled with what Eimer was doing” (). She’s middle-aged but that doesn’t mean she’s not a hottie — she’s known for being a flirt and charmer. At least they got the line of the “zone” bodice and overskirt to match up! Her skirt was so full it looked like she was wearing a hoop. And I dislike how they lifted up the overskirt — it made it look like not-a-jacket, not-a-dress.I’m probably the only person in the Frock Flicks community who cares that the newest Jane Austen adaptation — Love & Friendship — was directed by Whit Stillman.Stillman is a comedic-arty director who created a number of modern-set films that I adore, including .This dress is very “late 18th century,” although the lace ruffle at the waistline is SO “Victorian fancy dress” and I question the general aesthetics here (quoting Nina Garcia from Played by Chloë Sevigny, she’s kind of the Greek chorus of the story. Also note fully-long sleeves, which were very fashionable. has been bugging me to review this film, and she keeps saying that she can’t figure out why the costumes annoy her, and she thinks it’s the hair but she’s not sure. The general silhouette looks okay to me to me if a bit high, but it just feels like they plopped some heavy, solid hairpieces on their heads.“‘Chloe’s character is an American city girl, she doesn’t know much about the country life, which was totally important if you were an English woman at the time, and I just wanted her to really look like somebody who looked like they lived in the city.’ To capture that, Mhaoldomhnaigh wanted ‘her to look quite ornamental and that she spends a lot of time on what she wore.’ That includes large corseted gowns with ruche shawl necklines and oversized cloaks” (I hated this dress. Meanwhile the gents are all in 1810s at the earliest.

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