Dating sites that are not fake

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For example, 10% of dating profiles are fake, and over million is lost every year from cons, according to the FBI, which receives thousands of romance scam complaints annually.

While these are some overwhelming statistics, there are steps you can take to ensure you or someone you know won’t be taken advantage of.

However, if it happens a lot and you can tell that English isn’t the writer’s first language, it’s not nothing.Stock photos normally have plain backgrounds (e.g., white) and people who seem just a little bit familiar (because you’ve seen them in other stock photos).It’s not hard to take photos from a stock photo site (or any other site, for that matter), so take advantage of resources like Tin Eye and Google’s reverse image search.Real people with real dating profiles will upload a variety of photos to showcase their personality and hobbies — but fake people with fake profiles don’t want to take the chance of getting caught by uploading too many stolen photos. Sticking with the photo theme, alarms should be going off in your head if a profile has photos that look too perfect.Professionally done photos are great, but you can tell the difference between professionally done photos and stock photos.

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