Dating someone who is married but separated

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Full healing from divorce might mean attention to other such issues.

Many say that through their divorce they finally found God; they grew closer to Him, changed their lives, and found deep inner peace. And in the meantime, consider asking God to show • A feeling • Letting the other person off the hook • Forgetting the wounds he/she caused you • Blindly trusting him or her again (that may be very irresponsible!

In between all that is an unrealistic view of the world in general that they hope will be disproved as life passes. Too often, our marriage and family has become our “god” and when we lose it we suffer deep and dark, fearful, and frantic insecurities.

They believe their marriage has taken care of all that. Our materials invite you to take deep breath, step back, and allow God to show you His love, mercy, promises and His vision for your life.

If there is no Decree of Nullity, the other person is still a spouse even if common life has ended. Many couples make a sincere effort to get back together, but their core problems have not been addressed.

Divorce is hard enough, but separation has its own unique pain because there's no finality, no apparent moving back or forward. Each situation will require certain steps but for most couples this is a time for patience, practical planning and doing the following: (1) Ask God to help you keep your primary focus on Him and His will for you. Over time they'll come back and the hurt will be recycled.

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