Dating someone with celiac disease

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I could microwave a mean baked potato, pack a lunch and heat up a chicken pattie..that was about it.

Now I'm cooking all my own meals while kicking butt at 17 units of classes.

Months later, my fridge at home is still quite the corn dog treasure trove.

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, celiac disease tends to bring out the inner Girl Scout in me.

With a celiac girlfriend, I'd bump that up another 2.

Regular readers of my blog may remember my review of Foster Farms - also know as the day when I had 96 gluten free corn dogs stuffed in my dorm freezer, communal fridge, and even in the maid's mini-cooler in the upstairs laundry room.

The only way for a person to treat celiac disease is to stop eating wheat. You might be thinking, “oh, no baked goods,” but gluten is in almost everything.

Meaning that, besides really wanting cookies, I'm always prepared.

When I spent Super Bowl weekend with Nick's family, I brought a backpack of books, clothes and hygiene products. Nothing but food in the form of 4 Tupperware lunches and dinners, a jar of chia seed pudding, 1/2 pound of mixed raw veggies and dip, a mix of Oatless Oatmeal, sunbutter, mixed seeds and fruit.

Sure, part of that reaction was shock, but I blame the other half on the silly sounding terms that now reign my life. Just yesterday, my boyfriend, Nick, received his latest spelling lesson.

"Celiac" for people living in the US and "coeliac" for our European counterparts. My friends always joke that dating in college is like adding another 6 unit class.

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