Dating stood up

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How did I ever get into this mess, I don’t understand. I walked into the darkness, and groped around to hit the light. I reclined against the door, and dropped my clutch bag. I was humiliated and shattered by some guy I barely knew, a guy I had met just a couple of times. I heard a telephonic voice say that his cell phone was busy, and that he was on the other line. It took me a few minutes to know why I felt so miserable, and then I remembered the eventful previous night where I was stood up. My friends and I went out for lunch, and by evening I was almost myself.Damage control after he stood me up I called the waiter and asked him to bring me the check. My cheeks turned red as I asked him again, louder this time. Don’t they have anything better to do than to eavesdrop? I even felt like the whole episode of getting stood up wasn’t worth all the pain.Soon it was past time, and my new knight in shining armor should have been there. I applied another coat of gloss and sniffed my wrists discreetly while I was at it. “Drool, boys, I’m already taken…” I told myself and suppressed a grin.A trip to the ladies room, and another round of perfume. Alone in a crowded restaurant The crowd set in and most of the men had a hard time taking their eyes off me. [Read: Men who stare at women] It was almost eight and I had just finished my third glass of Errazuriz Don Maximiano [Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger? It was quite annoying to be the butt of conversations, as one generally becomes, especially if you’re all dressed up and sitting alone at a restaurant.So I stuck to being fascinated by every minute detail in the restaurant. [Read: How to know if he is the One] Insulted by waiters while being stood up The waiters around didn’t have much to do, so they spoke to the people enjoying their dinner.The lounge music was a drag, and I felt like I was in an elevator. I was still too embarrassed to look straight at them, and yet, I didn’t want to look defeated. Out of the blue, a waiter asked me if I’d like something else, and that suddenly sounded like an insult.I just wished the ground would open up, and drag me in by my heels! As I stared at the seconds’ hand of a very boring clock, the truth hit me. Those words reverberated in my cranium like a wave of aftershock. I was officially a loser, who was being stood up and dumped even before meeting for a first date. I doubted if even chocolates and hugs could help me out of this mess. My low cut dress seemed to be choking my throat, I don’t know how, but it was [Read: Girls wearing revealing clothes]. Maybe I’d just wake up and the fact that he stood me up would all turn out to be one bad nightmare. I called for a cab, and as always, history repeated itself. At home after being stood up I fumbled with my keys, and hurriedly opened the doors. I covered myself completely and stared into the darkness.

So the next time you’re on a date, don’t ever sit there wondering if you’re being stood up on a date like I did.

I never did have to play boring cell phone games before. And then I stared at the candle on the table, and the way the world looked through a half empty wine glass. I wanted to speak to someone really badly, but then, I didn’t want to look stupid in front of all my friends.

The clock ticked on, I got fidgety and looked around and did my bit of ‘people-watching’, but the same faces were getting pretty boring. There were a lot of things to keep me occupied, but they were all frustratingly boring. What if I was telling a girlfriend on the phone that he stood me up, and this guy shows up? But on the other hand, the smiling faces of other couples were annoying.

I took my cell phone and fiddled with it for a while.

I soon discovered that I had an angry bird game in my phone, and a few others I still have no idea about.

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