Dating superstitions lebsian dating

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In ancient times, pools and wells were thought to be home to water spirits or deities, and offerings to them were thrown into the water to ensure fertility or success.

Whenever he was in the middle of a batting slump, he would scavenge the streets and pick up any pin he found, believing this was a sign he would break out of the slump.

The Superstition: Ancient Romans believed that carrying the bride over the threshold of the couple's home protected her from evil spirits.

Our Take: Do it for fun when you get home from the honeymoon, if you want, as a nod to tradition.

Our Take: Today, some couples stick to tradition because they like the excitement and anticipation of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony. We know lots of couples who've bucked tradition and stayed in the same room the night before, had breakfast together the morning of, and (most conveniently) scheduled their photo sessions together with their photographer before the ceremony. The Superstition: During the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers—a book that assigned flowers different words and meanings—was popularized all over Europe.

According to the volume, tulips stand for love and passion and stephanotis means marital happiness.

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