Dating the iceman

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Lodged deep in the mummy’s shoulder was an arrowhead.For the first time, researchers realized Ötzi’s death came about from more sinister circumstances than being lost in a snowstorm, as had originally been assumed by some researchers. So the team carefully extracted the stone arrowhead and performed additional examinations.

Of course, this date would be problematic for biblical creationists since it would mean that he lived prior to the Flood.Soon after being discovered, Ötzi’s remains were displayed in a custom-made frozen crypt at a museum in Bolzano, Italy, where they can still be seen today.The lone exception to his days in this cold enclosure came in November, 2010, when a team of nearly two dozen researchers came together for an in-depth investigation of the “iceman.” Ötzi was thawed out for nine hours, during which time he essentially received an autopsy as the scientists attempted to solve many of the mysteries surrounding his death.Investigators concluded that Ötzi was probably killed by someone he knew because the arrow’s shaft had been removed, although the arrowhead obviously remained lodged in his back.Whoever killed him also left behind a valuable ax (perhaps to conceal the killer’s identity).

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