Dating tips for my future self

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At best, those experiences could have led to love; at worst they would have at least helped me meet the '10,000-Hour Rule.'" "It's really important to learn how to acknowledge your feelings and be honest about what it is you really want.

Once you figure that out, you also need to be honest with the person you're dating or who you want to date.

From the beginning of our relationship, we argued about things like sexism and homophobia, and although there were lots of good things about it, in retrospect I can't believe I put up with some of the garbage he used to say.

Everybody is learning and growing all the time and that's something that's part of the journey, but you don't have to date somebody whose core beliefs are offensive to your entire being.

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Maybe I suppressed it somewhere, or just forgot, but there is a special feeling that doesn't make sense, and you will find it and feel it with special people who will come into your life at certain times. " "I couldn't think of any specific advice that would have truly helped younger David nor could I think of any advice that would have changed his thinking or behavior.'" "I would buy songs from bands the guy I was dating liked, even though I didn't like them.I'd make myself listen to them so I'd have something to talk about with him.It was completely stupid, and didn't make me feel like me.Plus, I'd pretend to enjoy certain movies, simply because they were his favorites.

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