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It is a complete and utter insult to you personally and chefs will take it very hard.An example would be a fish that has been cooked perfectly but a customer insists it is raw.

There really is nothing worse as a chef than to have food sent back that is perfectly cooked.

Most restaurant staff get paid very poorly and live on their tips.

A good tip can be the difference between them having an amazing night or the worst night of their lives.

I've experienced both sides of the coin having worked as a chef and I can tell you that customers can be a massive pain in the hole at times. In a really top drawer restaurant plating a meal involves lots of chefs and if the head waiter sees a customer leaving the table they will stall the plating of the meal causing a major backlog in the kitchen.

I've shared a list of things that we are all guilty of doing when we go in to restaurants and because the customer is always right you probably don't even know you are annoying the poor hard working staff. You'll be puffing away outside the front door with not a clue in the world that your meal hasn't just magically appeared as you sit down and it was in fact all planned.

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