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Following him being happy, I bought my Sony Vaio Z in 2012 (now he's using it). Naturally, I would replace my Sony Vaio Z with another Vaio (I was also using a Surface Pro 3 for notes and drawings).

Being from Europe, I had to go through all sorts of arrangements so I can buy my Vaio Z flip 16 GB / 512 GB SSD at one of my trips to the USA.

The first thing you notice is the build quality, clearly this is a big part of the price. I would find it very hard to go back to a non-touchscreen laptop as I often work between the two input methods.

Vaio Z models always were a top line construction build, so with the latest carbon fiber material, this latest is fantastic -- it feels both solid and luxurious. I chose to update all of the drivers (about 10 drivers and a BIOS update) as recommended and the just released Windows 10 Creator edition is now a perfect match for this hybrid device. The keyboard is a pleasure to use as is the trackpad (there is an extra large right shift key, yeah! I also really like the flip presentation mode for watching movies and for presenting material.

You are also provided an alternate tip for fine art.

I really enjoyed using the stylus however I was disappointed that there was no clip-on, or any form of accommodation made for the pen.

For example, in December VAIO was giving the laptop with a free bag, that was not included.

Additionally, MS also removed the Wireless Router (USB Ethernet cable aka LAN adapter).

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First complaint, Z Flip ships with an incredible digital stylus (pen).Minor feedback would be a pen clip when in laptop mode.I also miss the Vaio Control Center software that was part of previous Sony laptops.The keyboard backlight turns on automatically when you start typing.-- I've been using Vaio computers for over 12 years and typically upgrade on a 3 year cycle.

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