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Instagram It looks like Keke Palmer has dusted the remnants of her last relationship off and has moved on to another young man.

From the looks of things, the new guy could be Diddy’s son (and Al B Sure! I know, who would ever think of them being together? Back in April, they played a “trick” on their fans by posing as a couple on social media for April Fools’ Day when they were still “just” friends (and could still be but pictures , a new film set to be released next year, a few months ago.

The cast, which also includes Romeo Miller and Cory Hardrict, is pretty young due to the film being based in a high school so it’s no surprise that they all like to hang out.

But it looks like Keke and Quincy have gotten a tad bit closer based on pictures.

Every time I would visit, they would smile and wave, and right in front of my face talk shit in Vietnamese about how I wasn’t good enough for their son because I’m black, which he’d later translate for me.

Eventually, I decided to break up with him, but every time I tried to he’d tell me not to take what his parents said to heart because they were old and traditional.

Once you’ve got your profile squared away, getting used to the app is easy.

You go into settings and choose an age range for profiles you want to display.

The Tinder app downloads all the pictures you have uploaded to your Facebook account and allows you to choose five photos for your profile.Tinder also ingests your “about” section from Facebook, but you can edit that in Tinder and customize it to your liking.The other thing Tinder does is use the birthday you have in your Facebook account to display your age, so make sure that’s set correctly, otherwise you’ll be stuck with the wrong age on your Tinder profile.According to an interview Keke did Power 105’s Breakfast Club, they actually broke a few months ago. There’s nothing wrong with moving on with Quincy, even if it’s only casual.Yes, he’s young but he’s of legal age so I can openly say that he is a good looking young man.

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