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Contrary to popular and medical misbelief, addictions—whether to substances or to behaviors such as gambling—are not caused by poor choices or bad genes.They are rooted in childhood emotional loss or trauma.His range of specialties includes primary psychiatric conditions, eating disorders, substance-abuse disorders, impulse control disorders, trauma & abuse, human sexuality and spiritual therapy. Eagan’s treatment approach incorporates pharmacologic interventions with evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapies, adjunctive modalities, and traditional spiritual practices.He is the author of Prayer for Compassion: My Journey Through Compassion Fatigue. Harmell, Ph DPermanent Lecturer, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Psychologist, Private Practice, Los Angeles CA. The provision of ethical and responsive treatment to clients of diverse cultural backgrounds is expected of all practicing health care providers.Past Chair, CA Psychological Association Ethics Committee, Former President, L. Cultural competence is mandated by professional ethics codes and will be the focus on attention in all topics addressed: (1) Child maltreatment and culture, (2) Assessment of child maltreatment with immigrant families, (3) Therapist self-disclosure related to a variety of populations, (4) A range of multiple relationships in various cultures (small to large community settings), and, (5) suicide assessment, prevention and treatment.For the past eighteen years, ‘Roxy’ has been the co-founder and clinical director of Spring Workshops in London, UK.

Therapists, nurses, physicians, clergy, police officers, service workers, educators, and family members caring for chronically ill loved ones are just some of those negatively impacted by Compassion Fatigue.

Literature updates and current expert opinion will be included along with current research findings and practice knowledge that informs ethical and legal clinical work.

Emphasis will be placed upon prevention of ethical violations.

Multiple relationships; Cultural considerations; Sexual contact with clients, students, supervisees, former clients; Nonsexual multiple relationships; Rural and small communities; Working with vicarious traumatization; Compassion fatigue; Using the DOVE method of self care; Therapist impairment and self-care; Handling burnout; Wrap up and questions.

Gabor Maté is a medical doctor recently retired from active practice.

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