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I got the depo a few days after I had my stillborn son.I hadn't had sex in that time and I found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant putting me at 3 weeks after I got the depo shot. The gyno disclosed the information to you that IT IS POSSIBLE yet highly unlikely to become pregnant on the depo-provera shot.Don't think your pregnant because .3% of girls actually get pregnant on the shot. You got pregnant because you got on the depo already pregnant , missed a shot, or you were late for the shot.I've been on the shot for 2 years and I've had about 8 - 9 shots all together , I wasn't pregnant when I started the shot 2 years ago and I've never missed a wasnt till i was four months into my pregnancy that they had finally found out i was pregnant and had told me that my prescribed medicine had interrupted my birth control i had read over the paper so many times. If you've been nervous about preterm labor, you'll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. If you say it is impossible just because nothing happened to you you should do some research as well as speaking with your gyno.

And if you miss a shot or are late getting a shot, it's not always possible to get pregnant right away as its still in your system.

You are going to tell me my gyno used it incorrectly? I'm aware many people have gotten pregnant on the depo. And no I did not conceive before because I was on the Nexplanon arm implant prior to switching birth control methods to the shot and no I did not have sex before I switched.

I had been on it for 15 weeks and found out I was around a month or so pregnant after my visit to the gyno for symptoms I assumed were birth control related, so yea you can get pregnant on Depo although you have a higher chance of miscarrying the baby like me .

The reason it's possible to get pregnant on this is because the lining that it puts on your cervical wall can sometimes not be strong enough.

That lining is what is supposed to prevent sperm from meeting an egg and from your body releasing an egg.

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