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If you're a little uncomfortable approaching shops etc.

with posters, consider posting them instead, but do include a covering letter with your contact information. The trouble with most of us is that we sometimes confuse thinking about doing something with actually doing something.

Return to your search results and try another site if you decide that their service is not for you.

Add mention of us to the signature file of you e-mail program.

Mentioning us in your SIG file may also lend you some clout.

I've been interacting with many people in setting us up, and our web logs show that people do click that link, and visit us. If you're e-mailing from work in an official capacity, please do not add us to your SIG file without permission from your employer. Well, whatever you feel comfortable with should be OK, but please don't use anything which would put us in a bad light.

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Here are some examples: Notice you can use initial capitals, which improves readability and doesn't affect the URL. Don't forget that you can add a sig file to your Usenet news group posts too, and these are many times more powerful because of the huge potential audience. Tell them down the pub, at the bowling green, after footie, over coffee, and when shopping.

I hope they'll find it entertaining and inspiring, and it will provide them with an opportunity to visit our website and join us.

If each member sends the newsletter to ten friends - that's a lot of people!

Choose one from the several options available, for example, Match, Eharmony, Match Affinity, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and Dating Direct, and advance to the home page.

Enter your search requirements; for example, gender and age range. Note: Although you can look at a user's profile on the majority of websites for free, you will not be able to send a message unless you register with that particular service.

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