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I seem to remember that the cast numbers on the cylinder head are the day and month of the casting, not the year. Cannot tell for sure if the valve side cover is one piece or two piece. Probably cast on December 15 of 1913/'14/'15/'16.

(I think it looks like a one piece.) One piece is '21 or later, two piece is '22 or earlier. There are exceptions with full dates, but most head casting dates gave month and date only, not the year as Tony B mentioned. Drive carefully, and enjoy, W2 thanks to all y'all again for responding. would it be possible for somebody to have replaced the transmission cover (no starter) to one with a starter?

Email: Provides members of historic Howard machinery with information regarding restoration/outsourcing within its own network.

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We used a battery charger clamped to a cotton ball, soaked in sulfuric acid to raze serial numbers on stollen guns and cars. If you weld over the old number before grinding it smooth and restamping, the old number is gone forever! The truck body appears to be home made from plywood, in a pleasant style. the guy we bought it from said that the body that was on it was completely rotted out except for the dash and wood frame underneath.

In researching the history of this engine I became interested in the history of the Cooper Engineering Co.Contact Information Email: [email protected](Ron maintains the Cooper and Villiers engine registers, and would especially like to hear from anyone with engines not already registered) If anyone else out there would like to contribute information or pictures about Cooper, Sunbeam and allied companies please make contact on the link below Type K 2hp @ 550 rpm, S/N KA163378. This is most likely one of the last engines with the type shown separately from the serial number.Note the type is also in front of the serial number as with later plates.Attached are several photos of the serial number, cylinder head, and overall engine. C-cab guy Luke This info was in an old forum post from 2008, haven't tried this ever, but might just work.By Deputy Dog on Friday, March 07, 2008 - pm: Years ago, I was a Deputy Sheriff. The cylinder head is a low head from about 1914 - 1917, so it is not original to this engine. the body was constructed probably about 12 years ago.

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