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Alessandro Cinque's photographs immortalise this transformation, which has dug into the side of the mountain albino patterns, formed of smooth horizontal and vertical planes.

In a play of light and shadows, their majesty is such as to give you the impression that this landscape has always looked like this.

While all the photographs focus on the beauty and on the strength of this transformed landscape, the last one in the collection is a memorandum.Alessandro Cinque's work gives us the opportunity to explore the Cervaiole quarry, daily arena for a close relationship between identity, technology and territory.Young Tuscan photographer Alessandro Cinque takes us on journey through the historical quarry of Cervaiole, on Monte Altissimo.From this very special location, 1300 above sea level, you find yourself face to face with a unique landscape: surrounded by the Apuan Alps, your eyes sweep from the mountains to the sea, in a single, wide visual frame.A fascinating position that is also hard to get to, which preserves its nature as a bare, adverse place even though it has been transformed by the hand of man.

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