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This is exactly what Anna thought of herself, when in a press conference after a loss to Martina Hingis she said “You won, but I’m prettier and more marketable than you.” And even Martina can’t argue with that.

This Maria may very well be the best looking of the bunch but a highest ranking of 18 in July 2008, 5 WTA titles and US,707,539 in career prize money only has her in the 5 spot.

" she sobbed before continuing, "I remember the last time I saw you. You never gave up and I'm sure you won't now." Minato encouraged.

Connor started dating with me the first time I saw his human form. " Kushina started sobbing again, until Naruto appeared and placed a hand on her shoulder."Dad would be proud of both of us at how far we've come.""Yes, he definitely would." Kushina shed a tear but felt it wiped away by her own son."Come on mom don't start crying on dad's memorial.""I know son.

Heading for America where I became one of WOOHP's top spies. Then Jiraiya-sama took him away to train for three years.

Then Danzo came and lied about him so I left in despair. After that he got closer to his girls, really close.

With 16 WTA singles titles and 6 WTA doubles titles she clearly ticks all the boxes to get her the top spot on the list. Maria first became the number one ranked female player on August 22, 2005, has won 22 WTA titles, and has earned US,270,000 in prize money and grunts and squeals like a champion.

It was when Naruto was born four hours before Connor came.""Good grief! With that, Kushina gave one last push with all her might and soon a newborn boy's wail filled the room."Four hours after that Connor came. The only comfort I had was having Rin around to work with me. I heard our old home blew up so Jerry made us a new one. The wedding was so beautiful I wish you had seen it. I used all the pain I had in my heart to trash bad guys left and right. When he came back he became a Jonin and he married those very six girls.She is repeatedly named the hottest athlete in the world and through sponsorship earns around USm annually.She may not be as stunning as the rest, but as the first Russian female tennis player to win a Grand Slam (French Open in 2004), and subsequently the first to reach the top 3 in the history of rankings (number 2 in the world – Sept 2004) and with career earnings of US,606,725; Anastasia is our deserved 3 place getter.

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