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We were basically babbling about hotties in our schools, our favorite TV shows and movies, and music.

We didn’t even take off our CIs when we went to bed as we wanted to continue to chat while we were falling asleep!

Last February, I attended another convention, Cochlear Celebration, sponsored by Cochlear, where I had the opportunity to meet even more CI users and, as usual, we embraced our deafness by sharing the fact that our CIs have given us the miracle of hearing.

In other words, we talk about all hearing opportunities that we take for granted such as hearing the loud roars and cheerleaders chanting at sport games, music on an i Pod and at school dances, and our name being called for an award through the speaker at school.

For us, the CI users, we view sounds as precious treasures that mean a lot to us.

We, the CI users, embrace sounds more than normal hearing people do.

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Yes, we go beyond talking about how magnetic object sticks on our head. Because we understand you and we went through it ourselves. You will witness many current and former cochlear implant users there. Feel free to come and I promise you that it will be a rich experience. Keep in mind, the Deaf community is very small compare to the normal hearing world.For more than 11 years the dating site has been a trusted friend to deaf, ASL and hard hearing people from all countries of the world.From our first experience in dating this unique dating site has been to keep visitors and loyal members up-to-date with the...I returned to the same convention in Massachusetts two more times, in 20, where I met the same old great friends and added one or two new ones each time as well.I remember at the 2003 convention, a group of my CI friends and I were in two of the CI users’ (twin sisters) room one night, and we were up CHATTING and laughing until AM in the morning!

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