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The Dark Knight was released July 18, 2008 in the United States. Eventually the only survivor is the Joker, who reveals himself from under the Bozo mask to the bank manager and then takes the money for himself, driving away in a school bus (after shoving and detonating a smoke grenade into the bank manager's mouth) to join a line of other busses just as the cops arrive.The Dark Knight proved to be successful, and a sequel titled The Dark Knight Rises was commissioned for a 2012 release with both Nolan and Bale returning. That night, multiple Batman impersonators, armed with guns, interrupt a drug deal/meeting involving the Chechen and his gangsters and the Scarecrow and his henchmen.Also included in Batman’s new armor is a new designed helmet, allowing Wayne to turn his head and arm gauntlets that are able to project the defense spikes.Meanwhile at Gambol's headquarters, three men arrive telling they killed the Joker, laying his body wrapped in garbage bags on the pool table.Taking the suit with him, Lucius then travels with Bruce to Hong Kong and gives him a sonar-device that can lock onto cell phones and emit a visual image of the phone’s surroundings.It will look like they've come to cancel negotiations between Lau's investment firm (which Bruce thinks is illegal based on their profits) and Wayne Enterprises."Because he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. The real Batman shows up and manages to subdue everyone.

The Joker arrives and after killing Gambol's crony by way of a "magic trick" (involving sticking a pencil into the table, and then slamming the crony's head onto the pencil, sending it through his eye socket), proposes to kill Batman for half their money, and also tries to convince the mob bosses that Lau will give them all up to the police if he is caught.

Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon contemplate bringing Harvey in on their plan to eradicate the mob, and the possibility that Harvey will become the hero to the people that Batman cannot be.

Harvey is nicknamed the ‘White Knight of Gotham City’, although Harvey mentions in argument with Gordon that he had a different nickname in Internal Affairs (revealed later in the story).

He gives various clues as to who he plans to kill next (based on three traces of DNA found on a Joker card): Commissioner Gillian Loeb, Judge Janet Surillo and Dent.

Gordon makes emergency preparations to protect them, but in the cases of Surillo and Loeb, he fails.

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