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The final show was taped on December 30, 2011 at The Music Box in Los Angeles, California.…there is only one time you can strike [a woman ] if she kicks you in the balls, you have the ability and the right, to punch her in the teat…it's just like that…it's kinda like tit for tat.see the # associated with 'Dugg' in the 'Stats' chart), and a serious consideration. The chart above on your profile page tells people exactly what types of content you're digging, and how shallow you are.a2) The #s in the 'Most Dugg Topics (Last 30 Days)' chart - you've got their attention now for a fleeting moment, so now they'll look for more information. Accordingly, take an active interest in many topics ... I typically run when I see that being a well grounded person.He then attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas, majored in computer science but dropped out in 1998.Rose was hired as a production assistant for The Screen Savers.

In reality, there are a finite number of people we actually want as friends, and the vast majority are merely a distraction of focus ... Everyone surrounds them, hanging off every word they say.

The sum of these numbers should add to more than a few hundred in order to be viewed as an active digger. Ultimately, the higher it is, the more attractive you become! but make sure you're really interested in those topics, otherwise your behaviour is not sustainable over the long term, and you're likely to hear "he/she changed after we started dating". d) The Age Test (Age of Account) - are you too young to be on the dating scene?

Using the dating analogy, this is a deeper look at the specifics eg. c) The High Maintenance Test (Diggs to Submissions Ratio) - If you request to be a friend to someone, then the higher your Diggs to Submissions ratio (total # of Diggs divided by # of submissions), the better. Nothing drives me more insane then receiving friend requests, only to see that they've submitted more than they've Dugg. Looking at the age of your account can aid Power Diggers in assessing your commitment and experience.

Robert Kevin Rose (born February 21, 1977) is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk.

He also served as production assistant and co-host at Tech TV's The Screen Savers. Rose transferred to Southeast Career and Technical Academy for high school (formerly known as Vo-Tech High School) in Las Vegas in 1992.

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