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It appears people are simply taking the easy way out without any concern for others.And unfortunately, this doesn't happen only in online dating. LOUIS DEAR ABBY: I'd like to suggest that "Dateless" consider that many people don't check their dating site often -- or ever.So it's entirely possible that the women "Dateless" has contacted were inactive or expired members who were never able to see his messages.We would like to reassure "Dateless" that the problem may not be him.Once she increased the number of dates she was going on, the nerves began to subside, and once the nerves subsided, her “It” factor began to emerge.Like Becky, every woman can cultivate her “It” factor. Once you get familiar with what to expect out there, dating will become a lot less nerve wracking and a lot more fun. You can’t be yourself when you are worried and anxious about what to do, what to wear, and what to say.DEAR ABBY: My husband and I read the letter you ran on Dec.

After a string of bad break-ups, she has been officially single for the last three years.

If he covers all his bases and is himself, he'll do OK. DEAR HELPFUL: Many readers wrote to point out that the problem "Dateless" is experiencing could be more about the idiosyncratic subscription rules on some dating websites than about the writer or the women he is contacting.

Other experienced users shared their stories: DEAR ABBY: I can tell "Dateless" why he's not getting "thanks, but no thanks" notes from the women he contacts on the online dating service: Those women are most likely overwhelmed with responses.

I tried to answer all of them, but I kept getting more and more, so I finally gave up.

I can only imagine how many responses women get today with online dating even more popular than it was then.

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