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The volleyball portion utilized only use of the direction stick and two buttons. Speaking of sports games, ever notice that there aren’t any other volleyball games on the Xbox 360 save for this and the Kinect game SFG Volleyball? Because generally volleyball games on0 console gaming over the years have generally been boring and frustrating. The Dead or Alive Xtreme series came with a casino mode that gets my thumbs up of approval.

Beforehand, in the past at the video store (remember them? After a day of having your favorite girl jumping around and spiking volleyballs in the tropical island weather, you can relax and gamble the night away at the casino.

While I looked through my library of games, I found something I haven’t played in some time. This series has been under so much criticism and sneering because of what its main focus on.

Fan service and jiggle physics that would make the entire Biology and Physics department at Harvard throw up their hands in confusion.

You got a multinational corporation that is using ninjas as test subjects to manufacture superior fighting clones for the highest bidder, a french opera singer who is hunting down the assassin who killed her mother, tensions between two female sisters who happen to be ninjas, and a whole mess of storylines that intersect with one another. During all of this, it came to my attention that this is like a Japanese dating simulator game. It’s no big surprise given my current social situation.

And whoever at Team Ninja worked on this part of the game, they obviously have had a lot of experience in creating complicated dating/recruiting simulators.

Tusks is currently in development: Patreon subscribers get access to the most recent demo build as soon as it comes out, and you can download the demo build before it right here, as a pay-what-you-want download.

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Then came Dead or Alive’s take on beach volleyball and all of a sudden interest skyrocketed. Then you can use your winnings the next day to buy accessories, swimwear, and other goods. So when I was playing this game and I wanted a different partner other than the default partner, Lisa, I had to seek her out and earn her trust.

And the Xtreme installments are no exception to that.

However, I feel like that while Xtreme beach volleyball cosplay may seem simple, it’s not.

You know, a week before arriving on this island, they basically were trying to kill each other.

Now they’re acting like none of that “I’ve been ordered to kill my half-sister for leaving the clan” stuff ever existed.

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