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So far as I have been able to ascertain, and I haw? The corolla is slightly plaited with a five-partite limb; it" is" tinged with red outside and white within. It is onlv rarely met with ; Teneriffe specimens in the Kew Herbarium are from Guia on the South-western slopes of the island and from Barranco Santo. I'lii- \v,-i from a plant urown ni uing sent by Mr I'.arkcr Webb. I think ii would be well to sell it per unit of Tannin, as Cinchona bark is sold. Thcvjire h Funin "' Principal Assistant (Cryptogams).- become an acknowledged authority in published many works and papers conn these may be mentioned :— A Monogri] i the Journal of the Linnean Society; a Monograph lycetes in the " Annals of Botany " ; a monograph of the id " British Fungus-Flora" (two volumes have appean Acidanthera aequinoctialis, Baker. So far as our researches go these two m 1 that was published, if indeed the second was really pul ritzel records only one, and he gives the dimensions as I'd le hereas the copy at Kew is 24* by 19 inches. V' Nodder was th publis volumes, entitle ■d '• Flora IJ " which appeared i 17. Previous to the receiptof the material reported on above, several con- signments of diseased sugar-cane had been received at Kew from Mr.

Clove trees generally have forked -tern-, and often a- many a- three and Diseases and Enemies. The flower- are produced in nianv flowered axillary cymes. There would be no difficulty in selling any quantity of the above all Mr. Wh-it the trade wants is ;i n assurance of qua and a sufficient quantity of a similar quality. pounds per day as the lowest return recent trial the.-e returns are not lost fibre mad: ne" has fulfills, of fibre, it is true, but the total yield has been small and disappoint; In lad, taking into account the great efforts made to introduce ; popnlari.-c these machines, their extended use on a commercial scale CCCXIV.— MISCELLANEOUS NOTES. Cooke.— On the removal of the ] services to tl bardlj need a record. and omtai ttering, and are probably by a different artist. vara coct randiflora, Lobelia surinamvusis and Fuchsia coccbica (t lants represented. establishments in the West, Indies has been inadequate, and has only yielded ambiguous results. Finally, all diseased canes should be burnt, aud not allowed to remain to ret, during which condition they are simply producing fresh material for the inoculation of other plants.

The canes are about 1 inch in diameter near the ground, and taper away to T \r inch. It is also abundant in Western Tibet in salt plains at elevations of about 9,000 to 14,000 feet. Outbie finds that ponies feed upon this plant in the Himalayas " with relish," and he adds that "other species of Artemisia ore " mentioned as affording good fodder for sheep on the Punjab '• Himalaya." In localities where hardly any other vegetation e\i ts, the use of the wormwood as a fodder-plant might prove of value. Park, Mac Fadyen and Co., which will, they think, prove of interest to all engaged in coffee planting. The variety was found near Ponta dc Teno, Teneriffe, by Hillebrand.

I would ask you, after having kept what you require for your herbarium, to kindly send the duplicates to Dr. The plant grows at from 4,500 feet to nearly 6,000 feet elevation, generally on the ridges of the hills. The agaric grows in den Ht r, phulnh v) there i- now little doubt that it is identical with that described by him as liozitts gonyylophora, and hence a very interesting problem in botanical investigation has apparently been solved. It extend round t h « • Mediterranean to Western Europe, and, as already stated, it is found in the Western Himalayas. As, however, their attention was drawn to a statement made by the Clarendon agricultural authorities, that there appeared to be some difference of opinion as to t «, of coffee in parchment, the board decided to invite the opinion of experts, anil I am desired by them to ask you to be good enough to give publicity to the following r I by Messrs. hitter are about throe or four inolu-s long, ai tenu:it, a description of a new variety of this plant — Convolvulus floridus, var. The variety is distinguished by a more compact habit, shorter and broader leaves crowded near the ends of the branches, by a shorter panicle, and by much more numerous but smaller flowers.

The unexpanded buds on the trees are at first a pinkish Yellow, becoming a deeper red as they mature. imagined that this product must come f rom Rhodes, trans- It is, Oil of Rhodium i- the name given to the'oil obtained from this plant. I is valuable as a in the manufacture of sachet powders for perfuming the wardrobe." CCCXI.— CACAO-GROWING IN GRENADA. My soil is rather poor for Cacao when compared with manv other places'; as you will see. That we shall do" so 1 have no doubt; indeed, J expect this will be a great coffee country.

seer of Indo, informed me that he bs.).* Also the head overseer of the ed me with the following averages :— 1,000 trees, 50 fra.silas. The roots, ecompany the stems, as they are imported, a re said to be much e. Cocoa is doing well here, and has a remarkable -tern, but it is only have been made bv Europeans, so that we do not figure on the markets. " IVlanion " on 25th March :— " The quality, we are pleased to say, is pronounced by local buyers " to be good, and not inferior in any way to Singapore ( iambier. the market " price was only 0." "However, the higher price is explained by the unusual dryne.-s of " the goods, which of courseenhances its value." say' improve the next production iu t ned from the Riv eases an advantage i Tin Fed Tufjfr.— The feed table .niposfd of Hat iron laths fastened acr an arrangement of levers to allow for yielding in ease of very es, and the machine was not eloped or stopped during any : the trial.

i (Irainiiiea-j ; alto scandens, eulmo secumlarik utrinque ,- semi vert icillatis vel elongatis, spicnlis laxius dissitis vel saepius fasciculatim congestis, fertilibus paucis, 2-3 pleruinque gemmiparis ianceoi a r coriaccis opacis marginibus ,-ikuk. begins with an empty hiearinnte glume which is pressed against the relative primary axis. ■//////, ,7 was found in the extreme north of Burma and in Manipur by Mr. 1 was also fortunate enough to find a clump of these bamboos in flower, and I send you the specimens. r hi ick-red in colour, the tube and the rest of' the flower light green. Bait., of Iiurt'onl, Dorking, last August, when it was sent to Kew for determination. Cirrhopetalum brienianum, Rolfe ; pseudobulbis ovoideis mo- nophyllis, foliis elliptico-oblongis obtusis eoriaeeis, seapo suberecto elongate gracili. Two hundred years ago Sloane recorded {Philosophical Transaction* of the Royal Society of London, 1696, xix. 298) the fact that this seed and three other West Indian seeds were commonly cast ashore in the Orkneys. There is little doubt that in all these instances the seeds had drifted from tropical America obliquely across the Atlantic. The statements made by B'lt respecting the, cutting up of leaves by ants for the formation of n pabulum on which a fungus was grown that served as food has been corroborated. method of leaf cutting, the various species of plants used, and the formation of the - ; m i- _ . nation respecting "husking" coffee in London is nllo\vin_r correspondence addressed to Kew. We have occasionally received parcels of coffe to husk, but we cannot recommend this mode of dupnient, though ir. As a' result of their visit, the committee recommended that a special prize of two guineas be awarded to Mr, J. Hibbert for his exhibit of coffee for export in parchment, and the committee stated, that " they " wished by their award to point out to small settlers, how desirable it is " to export coffee in this manner, as it does away with the expense of '• milling, and saves both time and trouble. At the outset we would mention that the opera ' to coffee treated by what is called in some countries the " West Indian Preparation," ? Kniphofia zombensis, /ia/vr [Lilians] -onsi in atttiiuata. -asiliensis grown in Heneratgoda ee from which this was obtai a circumference of 6 ft.

I have sent them up the hills here, where they will be at nearly the same elevation as their natural habitat. It flowered in the collection of Sir Trevor Lawrence. Both as regards the morphology and physiology of these organs, the results of tins investigation are confirmatory oi'tlm-e arrived at ! In all probability this is the correct explanation of its presence there, but of course a large handsome seed such as this is often brought away from the tropics by travellers. 3), mentions this among other seeds thrown up on the Norwegian coast. several plants of Entada scandens were raised at Kew from seeds cast up in the Azores. It was then t in hand by the large workers, who after licking it with their ton« the edge of the already form, d fu _,.- bed mund. under the iiimn diate supervision of the officers of the Ci M important guarantee to importers that the correct weight, is returned to them ; no customs duty u charged by the Crown authorities on the husk. That the business has developed so largely since we commenced operations in 1884, appears to us conclusive proof that many planters are fully alive to the benefits to be derived by the adoption of this method for marketing their crops, and we therefore trust these remarks may be of special interest to those who are at present unaware; of Hie facilities to he now obtained in London, and who have not suitable machinery on their estates for cleaning the coffee themselves. Editor of the "Jamaica Post." al Society, the show t May Pen. 15).: The following correspondence gives tin tir-t result of the experiment which affords anything like commercial data for deciding whether the cultivation oi' lliis staple would be a payiug enterprise in the Old World :— Dr. Gardens, Key [Received Febru ary 6th, 1893.] rabber (2 lb.) from Hevea bi Garden, Ceylon, in 1892. now been tapped three tin ie B , and has giv en the following „ 1890 „ „ 1892 „ 2 lb.

As the insect under consideration, as well as the species im- mediately allied to it, is confined to tropical or sub-tropical regions, and no observations whatever can be made in this country upon its habits or life-history, the present account is of the nature of a com- pilation, and the accuracy of much of its information depends upon and is limited by that of the records supplied by investigators in tropical countries.

Other slaves pick off the buds from the stalks, and they are then spread out to dry in the sun. Green cloves dry down to iibout hah their weight ; thus 1 frasila, ow held by (Joverninent every lortnight to allow open eompeti specially to admit Kmropean merchant's. It probably requires similar conditions to such sub-tropical plants as the Tree Tomato {Cyphomandra betacea), the Chocho (Sechium edule), and the Cherimoyer {Anona Cherimolia) described in the K,r Bull, tin i V. The cultivation of roses for this purpose is, however, limited to the southern slopes of the Great Balkans, as the flowers are nowhere produced successfully on the north. At one time, that is, prior to the cultivation of the rose-leaf geranium, the distillate* from rose-wood and from the root of the Genista eanarimns (Canary rose- wood) were principally drawn for the adulteration of real otto of roses; but as the geranium oil answers so much better, the oil of rhodium has fallen into disuse, hence its comparative scarcity in the market at the present day, though our grandfathers knew it well. The maintenance of this industry is therefore a matter of great local concern. G., has fully realised this fact, and he has been most strenuous in his etf'orls to assist cultivation, and to encourage every thing ca 1 ,.l.- ridiculed my attempt to grow Cacao there, as the land was considered by most persons as almost valueless for that purpose.

The stalks and bud- are leathered at the same time, and thrown on to grass mat- spread on tin- ground; the picking of the higher branches is done by means of triangular bamboo ladders. The drying "is continued for the space of 6 days or one week. — It is well known that the great centre of the pro- eduction of Attar, or Otto, of roses O&rupies the northern portion of the old Turkish province of Eastern Ronmelia. S., Dire-tor of Public i- foliis longioribus, bracteis spathaceis apiee triaogulis aeutis, perianfhii tubo triquetro oblo Dgo lobis roh Yxis ligulato-oblongis apicn- latis tubo aequalibus, petal is ol.ovato-obloiigis K lahello triloho lobis latoralibus erectis subcarnosis rotnndatis lob., intermedio suhorhieu- Hab. The wood when powdered has been recommended to promo : • -'.'■-.-■ ; Mr. ■■ distilled, ■ sweet-smelling oil is procured resembling in some slight degree the fragrance of the rose, and hence its name. (Theobroma Cacao, L.) Cacao-growing is the staple industry of the interesting island of Grenada, and its prosperity during many years, when the other islands in the "West Indies were in a depressed condition, was mainly due to the successful cultivation of Cacao trees. in manv place- there is a bed ol " tuft'" not tar from surface, and you know, when the tap root of a Cacao tree touches into contact with this layer of " tuff" ? The latest reports from the tobacco estates me all (Signed) ' ^ Henry Walkeh.

Merian, in her remarkable because ii seed- on tree.

The Palm Weevil of Central and South America ( liln/iichophnri's j Hilmnnim, Linn.) is one of the tropical insects, with which zoologists have been longest familiar, lor Mdile.

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