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look he is now 30 years old but still looks under 20 ... just look small height actors or normal people (not fat celeb or fat people ) they all looks more younger than their real age . Bulls eye said on 28/Jul/11Rob how tall do you think Elijah Wood is during the morning afternoon evening and night my guess would be 5ft 5.75in morning 5ft 5.25in after noon and 5ft 5in at night but is there a chance Elijah Wood is 5ft 6in when wakes up.

said on 30/May/11Elijah is 5ft 6 and 120-130 pounds MAX. He probably comes up to about my shoulder I'm 6'2".

Tiny and lovely is he, with the most enormous blue eyes!

He is a great example of someone who's turned his shortness into an asset!

Click Here said on 19/Aug/13Rob, can we change him to 5'5.25 since you agree that he may be a fraction over 5'5?

Also you did say a while back that you thought he looked 5'5-5.5 range.

He` is virtually identical to my boyfriend who is in the music biz and how we ran into Frodo. The average human head size is 9" if he comes up to your shoulder, u basically have no neck.

wake up and provide some good research into this site. in hooligans he's standing next to charlie hunnam who is like 6'1, and elijah looks almost the same height...

I've had a look at the other hobbits too and I think there is just a single inch (maybe a tad less) between him and Freeman.

I used to think Martin Freeman was only 167 cm (I'm not sure if he's a lift wearer or not) but now I think 5'5.25 for Wood and 5'6-6.25 for Freeman is reasonable. said on 21/Mar/13Look here: Click Here Elijah (2-nd from the left) looks 1.5-2" taller than Peter Jackson (4-th from the left). said on 16/Sep/12This height is what he looked in the Faculty next to 5'6 Jordana Brewster. said on 28/Jan/12Maximus Meridius says on 28/Aug/11 Rob are average height men below average height men and short men are more likely too look young for their age then taller people Leonardo Di Caprio is a tall man and he still looks young even for 36 he can still pass for a good 18 years younger. i do think he looks 10 years younger putting him in his mid 20's but not any younger that's silly.

[Editor Rob: there's another picture beside that where they both have same stride pattern. said on 23/Sep/11You'll never convince me that he's over 5'4'. And I used to have a good pic of his lift shoe, before my computer crashed and ditched all my pics.

walking shots, someone could be mid-stride and on one foot, the other at full stride and be 1-2 inches lower than the other person.] said on 23/Oct/11he's definitely 5'4" but taro you don't know what you're talking about. also know tons of girls/women who LOVE elijah wood. I think women with crushes just *want* him to be taller.

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