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For you folks already pretending to be dwarves on the Internet for three hours a week, I’ll have plenty of topics to cover concerning you in the coming weeks – just sit tight.

But hey, you might learn a thing or two anyway, so read on.

Part of the beauty of D&D is that it can cost literally nothing to get into: you just show up to a friend’s basement, you’re handed a sheet with several fields to fill in and a pencil to do it with.

However, this is not necessarily the case in an online D&D game.

When you can’t get a word in edgewise because of the limitations of technology (and, honestly, human empathy), such an amazing game becomes a lot less fun.

But, your games played online will be that much better for it – plus, the skill well applies to games at the table, too.For some examples for how it’s done well, just watch any well-produced live D&D game on the internet, like the aforementioned Critical Role or from the creators of the very game.Look, it’s bad enough that we Dungeon Masters have to compete with the bingeable, plentiful sources of fantastical entertainment that have arisen alongside the propagation of streaming and mobile technology at the table.Regardless of how you kit out, just don’t come to your first game of D&D (or any other kind of tabletop game) online without suitable equipment – it’ll only make the game better for you and your fellow players.When you’re heated, in the moment, with your disbelief suspended AF, you want to express yourself, or your third level half-elf sorcerer’s self, and no one can stop you!

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