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Added: color Picture parameters to List Box, XList Box and Combo Box Added: New sounds for getting in planes Added: Pressing Ctrl Shift C in Arsenal will export a load-out in config format, usable in Cfg Vehicles and Cfg Respawn Inventories. Added: Wheels of helicopters properly roll while taxiing Added: Transmission hit points to helicopters Added: Ability to completely disable ZGM moderator rights Added: New option for Vehicle Respawn module, which lets the vehicle respawn only on synchronized respawn positions Added: More crash sound variants for MRAPs, Offroad and Quadbike Tweaked: Shadow LOD of beanies Tweaked: Armor and mass of the party tent and winner's podium Tweaked: Destruction effects for quad bikes and karts Updated: Sounds for character roll animations Updated: Improved skinning of main back shield on VR_Protagonist_FUpdated: Optimized dust of some missile explosions Updated: Visual tweaks for the AAF officer Updated: Adjusted sound of fire mode selector on the Katiba rifle Changed: Heads of story characters are now part of Man_A3Changed: Fuel explosion power for land vehicles Changed: Set up correct fatigue exhaustion rate after the exhaustion rate multiplier gain from inventory load was fixed according to the original fatigue design Changed: Virtual Arsenal has been moved from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f Changed: Increased opacity of the Kajman's HUDChanged: Offroad maximum capacity Changed: Quad-bike maximum capacity Changed: Fuel explosion of various vehicle types has been tweaked Changed: Moved VR Training icons from Ui_f_Bootcamp to Ui_f Changed: Adjusted flare size of the Speedboat reflector Changed: Changed breathing speed coefficient to 10Changed: Adjusted positions of all UI elements in AV terminal Changed: OPFOR medic now has his rifle equipped with only a pointer by default just like medics of other factions Changed: OPFOR repair specialist now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR medic now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR explosive specialist now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Urban OPFOR engineer now has the correct weapon variant Changed: Slight tweak of sound gain of closure pistols Changed: Adjusted PAPI light material to shine at night Changed: Light helicopters are now available for CAS support Changed: Optimized character hit point settings.

Actual damage dealt should be less random and more predictable according to the respective body parts.

Their coveralls now offer much less protection against direct hits, however, they now offer some protection against explosive damage.

Fixed: Model of Supply Crate has been recreated to prevent script issues ( id=19339)Fixed: OPFOR VR Soldier and Entity tweaked to receive the same damage as their counterparts Fixed: Unarmed player standing up from prone stance no longer players a swimming animation Fixed: Orientation of insignia (left arm), insignia / clan area made smaller to fit other BLUFOR units (like coveralls)Fixed: Possible scripting error in some instances of the player receiving damage Fixed: Self-propelled artillery is now correctly categorized as artillery instead of as tank Fixed: Possible error message when using Transport support module Fixed: Lights of HEMTT are no longer shining while off when looking from a distance Fixed: Showcase Combined Arms: Time limit is ignored once one member of the players' group boards the helicopter Fixed: Missing icons in Combo Boxes in editor Fixed: Incorrect colors of pictures in the Insert Marker display Fixed: Color of Rsc Combo Fixed: Missing rank picture in the map Fixed: Shadow for TRG-21 EGLMFixed: UI icons of P07Fixed: ARCO accuracy Fixed: TI on GMG static turret Fixed: Color of pictures in variables List Box in Colors tab Fixed: Removed excessive smoke magazines for Speedboat Fixed: Adjusted damage resistance of raised static weapons Fixed: Raised static GMG had a wrong get-out animation Fixed: Tweaked selections for the GM-6 model Fixed: Decreased too high maximum inventory capacity of several vehicles Fixed: Repaired shadow & placement of suppressor of 4-Five Fixed: Turning on the spot now has a negative impact over resting with all weapons in all stances correctly Fixed: Incorrect color of the side picture of a selected player in Role Assignment Fixed: Minor volume changes of crash sounds Fixed: Wrong structural armor of static GMGs Fixed: Rahim 7.62 - The iron sights on the barrel are too cold in thermal Fixed: Repaired fire geometry of the Ghosthawk Fixed: Default collective and auto-hover tweaks Fixed: Binoculars and range finders were not exported correctly from Arsenal (

This differences applies to all weapons in all stances.

Changed: Also substantially increased fatigue gain when getting from prone to kneel Changed: Set up correct breathing values for new breathing mechanics Changed: Increased weight of the GM 6 Lynx and M320 LRR rifles to better match their real life counterparts Changed: Water impacts of units (fall of soldier to the water) tweaked Changed: Color of selected item in List Box, XList Box and Combo Box to white Changed: Tweaked AAF officer Changed: Parameter of the maximum audible distance of changing fire mode to 5 meters Changed: Some AAF soldiers now use U_I_Combat Uniform_shortsleeve instead of U_I_Combat Uniform_tshirt, which is used no more Changed: Explosive ammo (only for A-164) particle effects optimized Changed: Resistance of OPFOR soldiers to grenades Changed: Optimized following speeds of movement: Increased speed of walking in crouch with lowered pistol Increased speed of walking in stand with lowered rifle.

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It's displayed in the same position across different localizations.

id=19890)Fixed: Removed animation spam when AI is trying to go from Lying to Hand Gun Lying Fixed: Ordering of axes for UI object position getter Fixed: Autohover info control Fixed: Fatigue now not restored when holding breath Fixed: AI soldiers: Dynamic error influenced by fatigue and damage Fixed: UAV turrets rotation control restored Fixed: Speed of sound simulation Fixed: Multiplayer turrets movement not visible for other players Fixed: Removed URL length limit in structured Text control Fixed: AI is more resistant to bullets while moving Fixed: Instancing of proxies with different heat source in TIFixed: An issues where crew of vehicles might not be rendered when observed through zoomed in optics Fixed: Game freezes when player mouse-overs the DLC text in Field Manual Added: Scripting command for camera locking (lock Camera To)Added: Script command get Cargo Index Added: Support for Sharpen PP in video options UIAdded: Animation source sound controllers support Added: New event on Checked Changed for checkbox in UIAdded: Possibility to enable / disable UI control directly in configs Added: Support for URL tags in structured Text control Added: New command for getting class name of given UI control (ctrl Class Name)Added: Lock Phys X scene during buoyancy update for safety Added: New command for setting orientation of UI object (ctrl Set Direction)Added: Reading of config parameters for sliders Added: Loading of visible attribute for controls Added: Support for multi-samples in animation sounds, direction controller fix Added: New commands for setting and getting models for Control Object Added: Dynamic creation of UI controls Added: Getters for control object directions, etc.

Added: Detect interpolation change, added terminated parameter for doors Added: Event Handler for clicking on HTML tag in a structured Text control Changed: Small changes to fatigue formulas Changed: Minor tweak to weapon sway formula Changed: Disabled update of connection string in Steam profile (letting Steam to update connection string)Changed: Improved create Vehicle Crew command to allow creating missing crew also in not empty vehicles Changed: World array vehicles for Phys X simulation moved to separate array Changed: Behavior of how fatigue and damage affects the ability to hold breath Changed: Changed config parameter naming for listboxes Changed: AI turrets aiming error now influences acceleration of rotation Changed: Further tweaks to breathing mechanics Changed: Commands every Backpack and every Container return empty array also for null objects Changed: Separate DLL for the Steam interface which is used by Launcher and Publisher Changed: Order of cleaning the Phys X scene (fetch simulation before world clean-up)NV and TI mod in AV Terminal Pi PCustom waypoint from UAV (LMB Shift)LAUNCHERFixed: Crash when unable to read preview picture file Fixed: Missing parameter setting property Fixed: Addon management not updating addon number properly Fixed: Launcher freezes after multiple clicks on the re-download addon button Fixed: Update available message is partially in the tick box Fixed: Unsubscribing an addon via Steam Client causes Laucher updating progress bar to freeze Fixed: Launcher doesn't finish download of some addons - colon is a volume separator char - replaced by '-'Fixed: Multiple download of the same preview image Fixed: Workshop item name change was not detected neither updated in launcher Fixed: Space is missing between some words Fixed: Launcher version can be one again copied to clipboard using shortcut Ctrl .

Persistent identities between B_hub02, B_m02_1 and B_m02_2 now work correctly Used names are permanently removed from the pool of names for the auto-generated identities Icons added to user actions on hub, namely: open strategic map, start briefing, start patrol and get recommended gear Added specific identities to story characters Fixed: Transition from patrol to hub Fixed: Wrong initialization of the equipment pool Fixed: 2 broken uniforms removed from Adapt pool Fixed: Gear persistence issue between C_out2 and C_EBFixed: Implicit persistent variable values solution Fixed: Issue where mission providers after debriefing didn't have a weapon (James in B_hub01 now has a weapon after debriefing)Fixed: Problem with briefing date detection Fixed: Typos in character definitions Fixed: Locking of patrol vehicle when player returns from patrol Fixed: Colliding position by two soldiers at Rogain ENGINEOptimized: Linux Dedicated Server performance Disabled: Game Spy technology Fixed: Diary closing when tasks are not selected Fixed: Task position when attached target is deleted Fixed: Ironsights zeroed to a non-default value after the removal of optics Fixed: Voice-Over-Net: Custom channel volume based on distance Fixed: Switching from -join String to -connect in the in-game requests Fixed: Position determination for tasks attached to a target object / unit Fixed: Dead soldiers on ladders Fixed: Buldozer brush size change (was possible to go above maximum size)Fixed: Buldozer brush strength settings (now it is individual for each brush mode)Fixed: Possible CTDs in network server Fixed: Blinking of caustics when texture memory is low Fixed: Possibility to change a soldier's faction by grouping him with a group from another faction (Zeus)Fixed: Blue line artifact on the horizon Fixed: Desync in MP after the revision 124842 fix Fixed: Possible crash when an AI brain is not present Fixed: Player starts without rebreather in the Wet Work scenario despite being assigned one Fixed: Missing class name in campaign tree for old structure campaign configs Fixed: Possible CTD while the world is destroying itself Fixed: Possible CTD in Zeus when ungrouping soldiers Fixed: Fog on craters (bullet impacts)Fixed: Formatting of number of servers in the multiplayer display Fixed: Possibility to change scenario parameters in MP after a game has already started Fixed: Dead body icon Fixed: Catching missing callback from Steam Fixed: CTD when opening inventory in combination with create Agent Fixed: Possible CTD in airplanes Fixed: Exploitable command force Respawn Fixed: CTD occurred when ejecting dead unit from a car (Zeus)Added: Fuel explosion power value for all vehicles Added: Script commands for basic 3D vector operations (vector Add, vector Diff, vector Cross Product, vector Dot Product, vector Cos, vector Magnitude, vector Magnitude Sqr, vector Multiply)Added: Script commands for vector distance and square distance (vector Distance, vector Distance Sqr)Added: Class names to campaign tree (if they are defined)Added: Logging of unsuccessful attempts to call load File, preprocess File, preprocess File Line Numbers script commands Added: New brush mode to Buldozer.

Added: Limits for set Wind Speed because of the possibility to completely destroy meshes Added: Script commands magazines Ammo Cargo and weapons Items Cargo Added: New script command to open You Tube videos (open Youtube Video)Updated: In-game help for load File, preprocess File, preprocess File Line Numbers script commands Optimized: Weapon effect simulations Driver proxy for Inverse Kinematics taken from correct LODNew parameters for fatigue thresholds moved to config Refactored: Current recoil mechanics for better understanding and easier future changes (again, may not yet be fully noticeable in devbranch - but gives an indication of whats being worked on)Threaded sensor network updates are now enabled in all versions Minor dead bodies optimization UAV - Locked camera (added a new key binding to do that)UAV - Camera stabilization UAV: Locked camera - camera rotation precision improved UAV: Locked camera - camera rotation set to zero when switching to manual view Public description for commands magazines Ammo and magazines Ammo Cargo received minor changes Inventory load now affects stamina regeneration Added: Customizable area for scenario-specific on-screen information (e.g.

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