Fat acceptance dating

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This is because it prioritises the breakdown of alcohol over the absorption and release of essential nutrients, so a heavy drinking session will slow down the amount of calories you’re able to burn off at the gym the next day." When we drink heavily, we also tend to allow ourselves a few extra treats – the kebab on the way home, or the toast and chocolate spread when in – as we find it harder to resist.

"Alcohol can have an impact on our ability to keep our willpower strong and stick to healthy diets, adding more to our weight and waistlines," she says.

Take Marsha Coupe, a "perfect size 28", who says fat is "not an ugly word".

Then there's Miranda Cheesman, a stand-up comic, who has created a club night in London expressly for the plus-size woman.

She believes you can "look good, be fat, be inspirational and aspirational”.

The fat acceptance movement in America is well developed, so Cheesman looks across the pond for inspiration.

You only have to think of how big bags of sweets and chocolates are these days, or crisps.

However, some claim you can live a normal and healthy life and still be fat.She wants her club night, Club Indulge, to become more than just a night in a bar.“We’re setting up swap shops and pop up markets where women can swap, buy and sell plus size fashion.A growing group of overweight activists claim it's OK and healthy to be overweight.Fat activism, as they call it – yes that's a thing now – is about recognising that all bodies are fine.

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