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After your workout, you will experience increased levels of testosterone – the primary male sex hormone – for up to an hour. If your girl is a frequent flyer at the gym, that likely means that she is surrounded by attractive men every evening while wearing relatively little clothing for hours at a time. Enzymes stimulate your lady’s Sympathetic Nervous System when she works out. So, be sure to be ready and available when your girl gets back from the gym. The sex may potentially be even better if you head to the gym with your lady. If you are dating a girl you perceive to be “out of your league,” jealousy may rear it’s ugly head.If your lady treats her body like a high-octane temple, then she likely won’t allow anything but the highest grade fuel in the house.This means that you’ll have to go out of your way and down the block to the 7-11 if you absolutely must have a late night rendezvous with Ben and Jerry.This is something I’ve never understood personally, but some people love rising with the sun.

And don’t be surprised if you fall back asleep just as she arrives back home, jumps in the shower.If your girl understands the healing powers of a good workout, your life is going to be that much easier for the duration of your relationship.Dedicated athletes are often dedicated to getting up at the ass crack of dawn.It may be annoying to pull out your i Cal or build a Google Doc to keep your schedules in sync, but if the relationship involves two busy partners, it make take some real calendar juggling to make it work.There are some serious female sports fans out there, but professional sports fandom remains a male dominated hobby.

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