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Therefore slaves do not argue with Free Men (especially in an open channel). In the Gor series, slaves are only allowed to address a Free Man by his given name with permission (i.e., Master While Free Men may not always be right, they are by definition, never wrong. If their gender cannot be determined by the nick, use Master until corrected, beg mercy for your error, and then make note. Master or Mistress nicks begin with an uppercase letter. 197 "The most fundamental property prized by Goreans in women, I suppose, though little is said about it, is her need for love, and her capacity for love. 322Slaves address all Free Men and Women as Master or Mistress.41-42 Here is a short list: The Kef is the common kajira brand: "It was more slender, more vertical, more like a stem with floral cursive loops, about an inch and a half in height, and a half an inch in width; it was, I would later learn, the initial letter in cursive script of the Gorean expression 'Kajira'" (Slave Girl of Gor, p.61) The mark of Treve: "'It is the first letter, in cursive script,' she said, 'of the name of the city of Treve.'" (Captive of Gor, p.The Ops may not take it too kindly if you are constantly running to them for protection. There is both incredible beauty and savagery in the books.Out of respect for those who take the philosophies outlined in the writing of John Norman seriously, please try to be polite, pleasing and follow the rules of whatever channel you may find yourself in. :) Besides, it is incredibly rude to enter a man's house, and disrespect his home.

Remember, you have the last two words in any disagreement...those being, "Yes, Master." Slaves have no rights, you own nothing."In theory, if not in practice, when the girl finds herself branded like an animal, finds her fair skin marked by the iron of a master, she cannot fail, somehow, in the deepest levels of her thought, to regard herself as something which is owned, as mere property, as something belonging to the brute who has put the burning iron to her thigh.Most simply the brand is supposed to convince the girl that she is truly owned; it is supposed to make her feel owned. That is the kind of woman a man wants, ultimately, one who is helplessly and totally love's captive, in his collar." Mercenaries of Gor, p.Then it is wise to tell the man that you are untrained before you begin.

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