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Dont screw up again" Done with the Flea Market 20 Bone Man brought me a red bull sayd this har weather aint no account we orta git away from this har pop stand its ovr for the year i hear they got a real hum dinger of a flea in Mesa with concrete floors a metal roof snow cones corn dogs and plenty of snow birds with fancy RVs & them cheeseheads spend folding money like its going outa style yessir lets pull up stake & haul tail to arizony new art the Unseen World--- about 38 x 62 oily on loose canvas two bobcats wandered into our hotel room interupting my amourous advances i was so stunned it never occurred to me to tell them to get their own room traveling to a wild horse hideout we had elected to stay at the camelot inn in Fargo notorious for illicit rendevous excellent turkish coffee and rowdy bobcat dancing in the lobby of the hotel i had coffee with an egyptian pharaoh who wore dark shades with a big smile he told me the secrets of cooking sheep Kabobs and the ancient technique of bobcat seduction upon hearing my story of Bobcatus Interuptus Whoopee the Pharoah proclaimed "FANTASTIC! i cut my own road and left them standing in the middle of no where watching me as i left them in the dust SS SOS--- about 20 x 30 holy multicrappia!" and we strolled outside to inhale a beautiful field of dreams where buffalo and antelope were doing yoga in tie dye tee shirts i later returned to the room hopeful she still loved me reinvigorated by my newly acquired secret knowledge of bobcat love and grateful to the pharaoh for all he had taught me over turkish coffee however my love did inform me that i would have to take off the tie dye if i wanted to get lucky Traffic Jam in North Dakota Photo by Kat Livengood on the road this week will post new art next monday Were all Dead Cowboys 24 x 30 oily on a good bord () i am dark like the shiny blue feather on the raven that caws the corvid blues the shiny shiny monday morning dark bird blues echoes of memories buried beneath my skin often confused as a spiritual message from a celestical diety i think its most likely a scientific poltergeist rising up out of my DNA that says run far far away smear blur and blend nothing like the digital realm it' s wholly original unduplicateable the signature of a coyote running backwards down the rabbit hole taking his tracks with him the flea market indian cowboy spins his rope dancing in the eye of the storm his wife digs for the lost city of gold on aisle K theres not much money to be made here but we are all living our damned stories as best we can its not oblivion after all but you can almost see it from here i paint another dark bird its wings fluttering in the late fall wind it Caws sending a corvid echo thru time and space does your fancy art ever make you feel more than that? i have a big newsletter full of art tomorrow so sign up for the Dark Bird Gazette if you want a front row seat to view the full catastrope of my art (CLIK RITE HEAR) Crow Man--- Three Paintings of Dead Cowboys....(obsessive, compulsive or desperate take your choice) Dec 14 2015 Doors leading to Doors leading to Doors (inside the Dark Bird Palace) Concrete floors enclosed metal buildings heating and air & artificial lighting all conspire against me & the primal connection i feel to nature when im at the Dark Bird Palace where i can meditate on the mountain to the East gaze at the Rockies to the North contemplate Time and the vast Caldera to the west or simply paint like a wild coyote all day long inside my increasingly iconoclastic desert stronghold...if you read this far you are in this day and age attention surplus silly and your facebook page likes will be penalized for this faster than a millennial can pick up his ifone at a traffic light to check his re tweets on Twitter Hella Totem--- about 20 x 60 oily hella mess on bord next week the flea market opens and i will be back in full swing in my dark bird rhythmn the weekly routine the big grind the never ending journey into flea market history ;) which is a big relief as im pretty lost when im not outside fighting the elements or fending off wild animals at the Palace not to mention the packs of of big time art buyers who show up at our little flea market 5 miles north of town...come sea me this summer dont forget its the year of the Dark Bird from one Jackass to another some folks talk to a sage maybe a shaman or their local shrink for the answers to the universe but me?today a spaceship passes Pluto snapping pictures like a giddy kid with a new instagram account im not sure what is more incredible that i will see the pictures today or that 3 billion miles away a man made ship just passed the last known planet in our solar system from the Dark Bird Palace i look at where Pluto might be feeling like I'm connected by an invisible string everything i can imagine seems real but most of the hard things in life seem like a bad dreams another planet visited and another aisle fills with new tailgaters yesterday a fellow across from me was selling wagon wheels i told him we have something in common both of us sell goods that are obsolete neither having obvious utility in a new world where "likes" make sense the smell of cooking onions and sizzling bacon floats in the air the music man plays the Orange Blossum Special people mingle around the turquoise tables and the shimmering strange beauty of the Dark Bird Palace continues to stand like a relic of another day and time a hint at what we will soon remember as the "good old days" june 29 2015 stick a fork in me roll me in flea market dust dip twice in a dark bird egg smother with turpentine gravy and serve with a generous dead cowboy smile daily i do my flea market zen meditating on the dead cowboy staring deep into where his eyes used to be as he smiles back at me with his crzy dead cowboy smile a lady at the market was overheard to ask "what does he do?stand in front of his shack and charge people who want to photo it?we all have it one of mine has been to post art or a photo or maybe just write on the front page of this website for many years now it seems to tether me to the world & help give meaning to what i do and in return some people come to my website weekly to see what ive been up to over the last week or inquire about a painting .....

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" the year at the flea market was a good one and next year i plan on having a few surprices at the Dark Bird Palace for those that venture off the main road of life to a small flea market outside of santa fe just like i hope to offer a few surprise this year to those that visit my creaky prehistoric website that was born at the dawn of the innernet when no one really knew where this digital highway was heading (all roads lead to facebook and two other big box stores nowdays) so thank you for caring about art its a small world and theres no sense explaining why art is important to folks that dont understand that so a tip of my hat to those that smile back at that ;) if you havent already seen my new art this month you might wannna click and take a look as there are some great deals to be had on my end of the year art from this full time American Artist in Santa fe New Mexico who is undoubtedly the most famous flea market artist in the world Last Art of 2014 End of the Alley at 620 Canyon Road i love to build a good fire Kat loves to serve hot apple cider and in Santa fe on Christmas eve everyone gets out and walks up and down Canyon Road just to say merry Christmas have a happy new year so come by if your in the area ive got more art in my studio than a sensible clean nicely spaced gallery will ever have which sounds like ive moved the flea market to Canyon Road yes says Kat you certainly have adios til then Flower Giver--- 24 x 30 oily on a framed bord we all occasionally get bogged down in the daily grind it is part of the surreal deal although some seem to rise completely above it despite frequently seeming to float off like a balloon with a silly bunny on it but just beyond the bills past the daily drama over the hill from the seemingly unbearable truths we live with is the vague recollection many of us have that there is something just beyond this memory that is ok with us waiting for us the brave beings who lived in a world where there were no promises or easy answers just human beings doing the best they could and occasionally remembering that like the stars in the cosmos we are vast clik hear four lots of new art Mustangs of the Rising Moon by Kat Livengood On the Road racing around Montana on a red horse looking for that moment that sparkly moment when Kat puts a dream into a picture box gathering the reflected moon light just past midnight in the shape of mustangs, wild horses, feral equine & sky dogs its amazing how much you can see when its dark its amazing how much you dont sea in the light and wouldnt you know it most folks sleep when the light is best Winter Dark Birds--- i see a tiny shiny moment when everything changed in my life in the blink of an eye which is an amazing thing and a terrorfying thing all wrapped up together i suppose there are holy places where fate meets destiny and things can transform or "become" if we are ready for that moment so i will just leave you with the thought that one of the biggest things that happened in my life i never saw coming but i was ready for it and knew it when i saw it the rest as they say is history Dead Cowboy rides a Jack Ass--- oily on a good bord ive heard people say you cant be an artist if you paint and sell your own work at a flea market no one will take you serious no one will pay for your work and galleries will have no interest in you at all and that may be true but how i am viewed by my friends at the flea market and that small band of passionate art collectors who support my work is more important to me than all the gatekeepers in the world of art not to mention other artist who don't fight the good fight daily fierce desperation drove me to the flea market doing 1000s of paintings transformed me into a artist and looking deeply into myself forged the story that is mine alone at the Dark Bird Palace in my world i believe that without a war to win as an artist i would get no where comfort and a sense of ease serve the work of an artist poorly i am a soldier on the front lines of art which means i take all the bullets & verbal arrows as well as the spoils of victory and also acknowledge that all could be lost at any moment and so the painting "A Year of Work" speaks to my core work ethic which is desperate & relentless as well as my precarious perch which has created a ruthless pragmatism in my use of materials for art that also allows me to paint extravagantly & to continue to be the desert iconoclast who paints at a small flea market in high desert of New Mexico the Dark Bird Palace October 2014 he told me he left in quarters in a pringles can by her bed when he was done he stole em back but the dirty whore chased him all the way back to his broke down truck but never forgit life is a comma its not a period its a comma and if you see an exclamation point just climb it like a celestial ladder straight into that ladies head that asked me what do you sell? i typed out my resignation right that moment right that moment i quit like a nail hammered straight thru to the other side like a comma in the middle of a sentence that cant stop won't stop I'm a run on sentence moving right on down the line straight to the dark bird diner where i ate crow for a month til i growed feathers and a beak like a fish before it climbed out of the water and flew off in a fit when it rained on the fish rained on a fish a fish hates to get wet hates rain never ever rain on a fish just like you never wanna whistle in the ear of a horse its not horse whistler its horse whispererer it sounds like bones blowing in the wind i got so many bones hanging in my shed when the wind blows it sounds like the sweet dead cowboy blues and its a comma not a period next time bring a folgers coffee can they dont tip over so easy clik hear for moore new art Autumn Dark Birds---- by my memory of Dark Birds thru my years at the flea market the sight of these outsiders hoping around watching out with one eye sizing up an apple core with the other by the scratchy sound of them talking to me when im alone at my Shed where on weekdays they feel safe from the crowds that dont understand them safe from too much attention out front of Dark Birds flying over the bold blue new mexico sky looking like a dark rip in the cosmos a portal into the animal cosmos where i find the dark bird inside of me the painter who found himself a home just outside of santa fe at a flea market which might as well be a million miles away from the tour buses downtown NEW ART NEWSLETTTTTTR TO MORROW SIGN UP HEAR FOR DARK BIRD NEWS Flea Market Table--- big oily approx 65 x 40 inchesesees of manna ya know i dont have a tatoo on me anywhere & i think im stuck in 1973 driving a 65 mustang thats running out of gas but all that feels modern compared to the flea market we are still in 1573 which is yesterdays news since yesterday i found a dark bird skeleton and instead of looking this darkbird rexus flea marketus in the mouth i put a saddle on it and flew it right to the edge of town where where i saw a long road of coronados conquistadors marching towards Wal Mart home of every day low prices for spray bottles & WD-40 to keep your self cool & flexible under that Don Quixote up metal armour suite just in case you go chasing any windmills gone rogue (somedays i just type and somedays i rite and sometimes i dont know what happens when i get behind the keyboard) clik hear 4 a couple more paintings Guitar Music---SOULD 24 x 30 oily multicrappia framed fleabilly my new painting grounded in the surreal real of the flea market doesnt really come close to explaining the daily dose of inexplicable beauty constant deja vu sudden epipthanies awful flashbacks and other strange coincidenses at the dark bird palace but its just a painting after all and maybe if im lucky it will help pay for the most real of all ...(FYI...i can do an animal sacrifice like in the old testament if this would speed things up…) p.s…please get back to me ASAP we have tons of Shamans here in santa fe that can take care of this for .99 CLIK HEAR & JOIN MY MONTHLY ARRT NEWSLETTR Planes Trains & Automobiles--- 24 x 31 multicrappia art everywhere art should run the world art everywhere no more polyticks no more more wars no more rich no more poor art everywhere so that everything is art then nothing is art a new start art everywhere CLIK HEAR 4 SEVERAL MOORE PEACES OF FINE FINE ART SHURE TWO MAKE UR EATN ROOM FANCY a chronic rule breaker a formal ball buster and a painting procedural discombobulator that is a full on bonified dark bird i trust you will understand why you've never seen my art in a gallery or museum and why i am at a flea market where i assure you no one is talking high concept and deep metaphor about art the next 15 minutes explaining that the naked assassin lives under the volcano and that the dead cowboy drives a red truck and that tricksters are everywhere at which point the lady bought the painting…This article has nothing but good things to say about ACN the corporation.clik hear 4 New Art Join the Dark Bird Gazette the Dark Bird Palace (the Shed) Absurdity is my Friend (million selling NYT best sellr 4 sure) Visit me at 821 Canyon Road (thurday -sunday) New Art here on the front page about 24-30 inches November 6th 2017 Double Eagle 43 x 62 oily on loose canvas i was lost in the desert with no water and no face i had no sense of place all directions pointed lost i couldnt see the future couldnt bear to look back and in the present the only thing i could think to do was to build a tall ladder out of this mess into the starry skies of hell yes oily on a nice 30 x 40 bord its about to get very interesting again after a summer of smashing my brains against walls taking turns down wrong roads and believing all sorts of lies and other silly mischief now ive found one true thing and from that comes the full on resurrection of my Dark Bird Palace State of Mind clik hear for a few more paintings from this week Guard Dawgs about 39 x 62 inches on loose canvas click hear 4 two other new ones! - so i sit in the lobby some think its my hobby ive spent so much time waiting around defending my ground ive completely forgot what i was looking for - so how bout this? im amused and distracted by the hummingbird wars the coyote howls the dark bird caws & late night growls i credit this with my general ambivalence about where i am who i am and where i am going as i look thru the eyes of the bardo hotel The Woods--- about 82 x 22 oily on a nice simply framed bord after a week at my new mountain home the deer stopped coming around at morning coffee later they told me my company was poor but it was my bad poetry that was the last straw - this morning even the hummingbirds stayed clear horror of horrors they said my breath smelled like chicken - so i tried to exercise my poetry blues away doing crazy jumping jacks in the woods which made me feel better but caused the great black squirrel panic of 2017 - and so im left with my one true poetry friend the much maligned but magnificant king of the forrest its just me and a fly under the clear blue sky - the only conclusion i can draw is that the fly loves my poetry or thinks im a kindred spirit at least as he offered me a first edition of his new book "Catcher of the House Fly" which i tell him is pure genius regrettably ive never seen the fly in public since then Guardians of the Multiverse--- Bear Totem about 29 x 62 oily on loose canvas Dark Bird cocks his head ruffles his feathers leans into the great CAW time and space shatter humanity pours forth like mixed candies from a smashed interstellar pinata raccoon sees dinner scurries over picks up the starshine sweets with child like fingers candy looks up asks dear Gawd is that you?Obsession about 30 x 62 oily on loose canvas Anxiety writes my to do list at 2 am on the inside of my eyelids with heavy disappearing ink that compells me to start over again at 3 am i am driven like a crzy one eyed salmon to swim up my dry river bed every nite slowly evolving two tiny stick legs that i drag along with my obsolete fins gasping for air with primal gills like the monster from the dark bird lagoon pondering like a philosopical freakish monster i wonder why am i killing myself at 3 am? Cosmic Corvids--* about 60 x 29 oily on loose canvas Spring Snow blows thru cottonwood trees like puffs of frozen pollen while a cold crow sits high upon its chlorophyll iceberg a perfect pirate flag for this vessel as it floats away in search of road kill in downtown Santa fe All ---SOULD 18 x 22 multicrappia on a bord framed simply back from a short vacation break went to the ocean brought back the tide inside now im ready for this coming summers big ride click hear four several other new paintings Taco--- 24 x 30 oily on a nice bord which one are you?

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