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The popular thing is texting each other for only 1 peso in country, although it costs 25 pesos to text overseas. You can send a text message to their cell number free at and it is cheaper for them to text you back at chikka. Cons: costs the lady money usually at an internet cafe, she may ask you for money for it, she may be talking to many other men, she may be into chat rooms with a lot of men, etc.

Some ladies with just regular mail may be scam artists...

In short, of the listings that I have removed as gold diggers or frauds, most by far were ones with email addresses, and were internet savvy women with a cute picture.

Some men have even told me they had such poor luck with those with email addresses that they would only contact those without it.

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If you know they are honest, and wish to help them with cash, that is your choice.

A common way for them to lose a regular house phone is when neighbors run up a big bill with long distance calls, and they can't pay it. if you find bad emails or numbers in my list, then please let me know. It took about 8 days to get a letter from the US to the Philippines, and from the Philippines back to the US in 1995.

I do this for free, so I cannot spend a lot of time and money keeping contact with these ladies. If you write only one or two once, and wait for a reply, then you may be disappointed to get no response. It now may take 10-26 days in each direction, since the terrorist attacks...maybe even longer during the holiday season.

Most have no computer, but may have access to a computer at work or at an internet cafe for email, but you will have to ask them if they can do that or not. Besides, actual handwritten letters are more romantic, and most dislike typed letters or email anyway.

Some have cell phones now, but that does not mean they are rich.

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