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An app like “Find my i Phone” would provide the same information.

Web history did show me bookmarks that I know exist in my kiddo’s Safari browser, and I got some good insight into a few of the recent web sites she has visited. So to summarize, Teen Safe, while not perfect is one of only a few services that allow you to monitor i Messages on an Apple device without “jail breaking” the device.

While parents give their teens the freedom to explore their own interests and make their own mistakes, it’s incredibly nerve-wracking to send your teenager out into the world.

Even if it’s just an overnight stay at a friend’s house.

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Before you can monitor the device, you’ll have to make sure i Cloud backups are activated.During the trial period, you’ll only see the last three texts (in this case, i Messages) within a conversation. Emoticons (“emojis”) didn’t display so there were a lot of weird looking icons. Right at the top of the list of deleted texts, Teen Safe explained: This looked to be the case, as many texts shown here were missing the date. Many deleted texts were missing the name/number so there was no way to know who had sent it.You will also not be able to view any photos or videos sent in i Messages. I think there is more work needed here to make deleted texts a reliable feature.Fifteen dollars seems steep to me but if I had 3 kids, I might think it’s a bargain.Bonus: When I clicked on the link to cancel after 6 days, they automatically gave me a few more days.

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