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It’s unclear whether there is a correlation between the decrease in child sexual assaults and the ability to view child porn online, he adds.TREATMENT Pedophilia is on a spectrum — ranging from pedophiles who are only sexually attracted to children to non-exclusive pedophiles who are sexually attracted to both adults and children.Many of the men he sees don’t realize child porn promotes the abuse and exploitation of children.“They don’t get that.The light bulb is not on in the kitchen upstairs.”Some treatment options include medications to lower sex drive.Many of the men he works with have wives, Feick says.It’s easier to treat non-exclusive pedophiles because you can focus their attention on age-appropriate relationships, Seto explains.Treating exclusive pedophiles who don’t have any other sexual interests is a greater challenge.

The program works because it holds the men accountable and helps them manage their triggers long after they have committed an offence, Feick says, adding some pedophiles he works with don’t want to reoffend because it would let their circle down.“We’re not here to let them make excuses or justify anything they’ve done; we recognize that there are some terrible things that they’ve done,” he says.“But there’s still hope for all of them.” PEDOPHILIA AND OFFENDINGNot all pedophiles offend, but researchers don’t know much about them because they don’t usually show up in clinics or the criminal justice system, says Dr.

His research involves developing methods that don’t rely entirely on self-reporting, like measuring sexual arousal in a lab and exploring how people respond to images through computerized assessment techniques.

Both Seto and Nolin agree that suppressing pedophiliac thoughts and feelings could do more harm than good.

Even though a recent National Post story reported that an Ottawa clinic claims to cure pedophiles, Seto says it’s difficult to know if people with that affliction can ever stop being sexually attracted to children.

Sometimes, pedophiles have ulterior motives for saying they are “cured” — like getting parole, Seto notes.

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