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These human rights defenders have since been accused of promoting homosexuality, leading to their arrest and detention for merely attempting to assist others in the realisation of fundamental human rights.Advocate Bongani Majola, Chairperson of the SAHRC, has contacted the Chairperson of the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) in Tanzania, and urged that everything possible be done to facilitate the release of the group of human rights defenders. Eugene Emmer, owner of Reha Design Wheelchair Accessories announced the launch of ‘Wheelchair Socks’ an innovative cover for wheelchair casters, the small front wheels on wheelchairs.The launch of Wheelchair Socks comes after years of requests from wheelchair users.Wheelchair Socks’ unique design is pending patent approval in the USA and is now being submitted in several other countries.Reha Design is an innovative brand of wheelchair accessories, designed in Europe but distributed worldwide via the

The African Charter, to which Tanzania is a signatory since 1982 and which it then ratified in 1984, provides for the right to liberty and to the security of the person at Article 6.The new specially designed closure makes it possible for wheelchair users to quickly cover the caster wheels while sitting inside or outside of the wheelchair.Like Wheelchair Slippers, Wheelchair Socks are machine washable.In the middle of the night, I woke up and traced out a pattern for a new design.After a few modifications to the new design, ‘Wheelchair Socks’ were born.

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