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This previously-recorded webinar described the impact of trauma on victims, including cognitive and behavioral reactions, and discussed the effect of common victim behaviors on factfinders’ assessments of victim credibility.

It discussed the law related to the prosecution’s introduction of expert testimony on victim behavior, how to identify experts qualified to testify on this subject, and what the parameters of such testimony should be.

UK Journalist Julie Bindel on "The Pimping of Prostitution", The University of Texas School of Journalism, with cooperation from Center for Women's and Gender Studies, Humanities Institute, and Senior Fellows honors program of the College of Communication.

In addition, it identified ways to work with experts to prepare a case for trial even if the testimony will not be introduced.

the public has deeply-rooted perceptions about sexual violence and about how victims of sexual assault should behave.

Conducting a Thoughtful Needs Assessment: A Comprehensive Approach to Program Design for Adult and Child Survivors of DV, Futures Without Violence, in partnership with Family Violence Prevention and Services Program.

Improving your Injury and Violence Prevention Practice with the Core Competencies Webinar Series ~ Leading, Managing and Inspiring: How the Core Competencies Can Benefit Your Program (part 5 of 6), Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network and Safe States Alliance.

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