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Now it emerges the former labour correspondent ‘Treat us with respect’, declared the headline in the November 1998 issue of SABC Intercom.

In a froth about Indo Jet's allegedly hostile treatment of black managers at the SABC, Zikalala (Ph D, Bulgaria) concluded: "We are in the business of news and not accommodation and travelling.

Krisjan Lemmer, the satirical columnist at the Mail & Guardian alleges that Zikalala has set up a rival travel agency within SABC and is attacking the existing agency in the hopes of closing it down and diverting the SABC’s travel business to his own agency.

The Chairperson of the SABC Board of Control, Dr Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, nominated herself for re-appointment to the board in 1996 when the term of office of the previous one came to an end.

She subsequently phoned the office of the Minister for Broadcasting to make sure that they had in fact received her nomination.

The BCCSA finds against Zikalala but Maepe is driven out of SATRA and Cell C gets the licence.

The Democratic Party accuses Zikalala of bias in TV news coverage.

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