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Because of this, "power" is what determines individual attributes, behaviors, etc.

The theory was that human nature is essentially epicene and social distinctions based on sex are arbitrarily constructed.

That is to say, gender is to sex as feminine is to female and masculine is to male.

Gender identity refers to a personal identification with a particular gender and gender role in society.

However, Money's meaning of the word did not become widespread until the 1970s, when feminist theory embraced the concept of a distinction between biological sex and the social construct of gender.

Today the distinction is strictly followed in some contexts, especially the social sciences Later, in 2011, the FDA reversed its position and began using sex as the biological classification and gender as "a person's self representation as male or female, or how that person is responded to by social institutions based on the individual's gender presentation." The social sciences have a branch devoted to gender studies.

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