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In my limited experience, incidentally, it is always someone in the Middle East.

Perhaps you would prefer to send out or collect a ‘message in a bottle’.

Anyway, a simple search for "gif resizer" should yield plenty of other options.

This is a story about friendship, technology, commerce, sex, silliness, surveillance, entrepreneurship and messages in bottles.

We Chat makes it easy for other businesses and app developers to get on board by providing an open application programming interface (API) for them to use.

The tech and business analyst Connie Chan has written about how We Chat pioneered the model of “apps within an app”.

Two years later, it introduced a payment system, and things really began to take off.

Or if you have to apologize for missing somebody’s birthday party, engagement party, wedding, or similar important life events. The cat DJ Occasion: When arranging to DJ at a party, looking for someone who can DJ, or just when you want to watch a cat DJing. F*ck the world, I am a panda Occasion: All occasions you could ever imagine. I used to use this handy resizer to get them under 500 KB: But unfortunately it looks like it might be blocked now "Error establishing a database connection." Perhaps someone else will have better luck. And if that’s all too much, you can just play games. One-fifth of the world’s population is Chinese and mainland China has more than twice as many internet users as the US (674 million as compared with 281 million, according to 2015 statistics).But already, one out of every four users of We Chat is non-Chinese, and the company has its sights set on world domination.Although many stickers generate a laugh, they never get used again.And a lot of the time stickers get used in the wrong context. Check out our top 10 stickers most appropriate for these situations (PC-ish situations, for non-PC situations you’ll have to figure it out yourselves). ' cat Occasion: When you are confused, when someone has typed something in Chinese in an English-only group chat, when you suspect that someone typed their message into the wrong conversation, when someone's drunk so much tequila that they've lost the ability to communicate in any sensical way.

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