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But for the LGBTI community, same-sex marriage is not legal and home is often where their biggest challenge lies.Far from the tourist beaches, Charl Blignaut spends time at a therapy project that is restoring queer dignity.The couple said yes, they’re gay and they have sex – they pleaded guilty. The police arrested her for being a vagrant because ‘she’s a man and she’s not supposed to wear women’s clothes’. The case was written off, but she’s still trying to get compensation from the state. And I’ve done martial arts for 14 years,” she says.“I could never be with a man again. Mum was saying: ‘She’s still your daughter.’ “I started dating guys to please my dad.She won’t win because there are no witnesses …"The people most affected by physical violence are the trans community. I kept asking myself, am I really lesbian or am I bisexual? "And then one day, I brought a girlfriend home and that’s when he had to accept it because she was there all the time ...Friends of student Yashika Bageerathi today said they were devastated after the teenager was deported from the UK to arrive in Mauritius with no one to greet her.The 19-year-old’s removal went ahead after a last-minute bid last night to secure an emergency injunction failed.There’s a rainbow flag in one window and a dreamcatcher in the other.They’ve just moved in to these light, tiled rooms with LGBTI Pride posters on the walls and a large veranda.

Most of the South Africans living here, one cab driver says, are white and live in villas in estate developments; a curious community that brought with them alien vegetation – high walls and electric fences.She’s referring to the turn-out for the art therapy sessions they hold every second Saturday to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.We’d easily found their headquarters in a double-storey, dusty pink building in the middle-class, peri-urban sugar town of Quatre Bornes, 15km from the capital Port Louis.It added: “Air Mauritius regrets this situation, but as all airline companies cannot but abide by decisions taken by relevant authorities.” Yesterday Yashika’s MP David Burrowes said he had received a request from MP Keith Vaz for her to give evidence before the Home Affairs Select Committee next month.In Mauritius, most children stay at home until they marry.

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